Founded in 2011, Showpad provides the leading Enablement Operating System (eOS). The Showpad eOS® unites marketing and sales teams to deliver revenue-driving experiences. We help your teams empower sellers with relevant content and training to engage buyers and close sales with confidence.

Showpad supports strategic alignment and efficiency across revenue teams. We partner with organizations of all sizes and maturity levels in more than 50 countries, including Dow, GE Healthcare, Honeywell, Dupont, and Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners. Showpad is dual-headquartered in Chicago, IL and Ghent, Belgium and powered by a diverse global workforce. For more information, visit showpad.com.

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Key Info

Website: www.showpad.com
Business Sector: Computer Software HQ Location: Ghent and Chicago Office Locations: Ghent, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Wroclaw, San Francisco, and Chicago Number of Employees: 450+

Hendrik Isebaert
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman : Pieterjan Bouten
Co-Founder: Louis Jonckheere

Women in Leadership:
Global Director, People:
Claire Carley
Chief Customer Officer: Virginia Miracle

VP, Product Marketing: Grace Bacon
VP, Inclusive Employee Experience: Sunny Chauhan
VP, Professional Services: Catherine Cantwell

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Latest vacancies

Dream career starts here! We believe in making life easier and more rewarding for today’s sales, marketing and buying teams. That commitment to building collaborative, engaging experiences starts in-house – where a safe, welcoming and inspiring space enables our people to grow and realize their full potential.

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Mission & Values

Our exceptional company culture isn’t just a happy accident. Everything we are is founded on five essential values – our Showpad Showings:

Be transparent. We believe in the power of trust, data, and open debate to lead us to the best decisions. We don’t make things more complex than they need to be.

Foster inclusion. When we truly embrace and celebrate our differences, we can unlock our full potential.

Raise the bar. We take ownership of our work and grow as a team. We each bring our best — and the best out in each other. Day after day.

Put customers first. If our customer is not successful, we failed. They are a source of inspiration and live at the heart of everything we do.

Innovate for impact. We value business impact and simplicity over shiny new objects. We are relentless in our pursuit of customer value and category leadership.


Product & Engineering at Showpad

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What really makes a great place to work?

Showpad recently reached the 200-employee mark on its Product and Engineering team. As a nice moment to reflect, we asked our team what drives them.

Boomerang Spotlight: Cathleen Heimberg

Cathleen was born and raised in Estonia. For the last 5 years, she has lived in Ghent, Belgium, together with her husband Mathieu, and furry friend Mr. Sniffles.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At Showpad, we thrive when everyone is at their best. Our ambition & commitment is not only to create a diverse workplace but more importantly an environment where everyone belongs. We believe that the success of Showpad relies on our teams and a strong inclusive culture where everyone can bring their true selves to work every day.

For that reason we deepen our DEI commitment by taking on initiatives that allow us to build DEI awareness, expand Employee Resource Groups, and better understand our current DEI landscape - We capture our progress in the DEI Annual Survey.

Showpad Careers

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Meet the team

"I love the balance between autonomy in how I approach my work and support from leadership. When combined with my team’s enthusiasm for user research this makes my role at Showpad both fulfilling and enjoyable."

Gemma Huddy, Senior UX researcher

“Every day goes I am grateful to be part of Showpad. Every morning I wake up motivated and excited to bring the best of me to work. Because I know that each of my colleagues does the same: be at their best today and become a better version of themselves tomorrow. Together.”

Mehedi Anam Sarder, Associate Product Manager

“At Showpad, the balance between work and life, dedication to quality, and innovative culture truly click. Team autonomy empowers me to contribute effectively on a fulfilling journey towards our goals.”

Liesbeth de Keyzer, Backend Software Engineer

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Interview Process

For individual contributor roles, you can expect

● Screen by Recruiter

● Technical Interview

● Interview with Hiring manager

● References

For Manager roles, you can expect an additional stakeholder interview

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Industry Commendations

Showpad Commendations

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Tech Stack

We use a number of programming languages to build our products. We make a distinction between official and non-official languages. Official languages are programming languages that are carried across multiple engineering teams, have a certain critical mass, and for which we provide tooling, coaching, and education. They are recommended for active development. The following languages are currently considered official:

- Kotlin (backend + mobile)
- PHP (backend)
- Typescript (frontend)
- Swift (mobile)

There are a number of other programming languages currently not considered official but used by teams:

- Go (backend, used by team Kernel)
- Typescript (backend, used by the reporting team)
- Python (backend, used by meetings team and for data science)
- Scala (backend, used by search v2 and coach)
- C# (backend, used for Marketo and Edit App)
- Java (mobile, used in Android)
- Objective C (mobile, used in iOS)
- Javascript (frontend + backend, mostly in older Showpad projects

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Perks and Benefits

Competitive Health Benefits
Generous Leave Policy
Mental Wellbeing
Equitable Reward Policies
Learning & Development
Flexible Work Settings


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