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Our team is on a mission to revolutionize the way we bring ideas to life and fundamentally change the way 3D design is done today. We help teams that design create and communicate 3D ideas in the quickest and most intuitive way possible. We've developed the first end-to-end 3D design platform that allows teams to carry out work from the early phases of the process all the way through to hand-off for productionisation.

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Website: Gravitysketch.com
Business Sector:
Design Software, 3D, VR
HQ Location:
We have team members also based in:
US, Canada, Spain, Finland
Number of Employees:

Daniela Paredes Fuentes
Oluwaseyi Sosanya
Daniel Thomas

Women in Leadership:
Head of People:
Yasmin Chalmers
Head of Product:
Morag Mclaren
Lead Designer:
Gökçen Keskin


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The tools we have developed are changing the way companies across automotive, industrial design, and entertainment industries carry out their day-to-day work.

The platform is helping teams deliver more creative outputs, foster better collaboration, and compress products' time to market resulting in a much more sustainable product development process. The platform offers VR, tablet, and web-based applications allowing users to bring the tools seamlessly into their workflow.

Cross-discipline teams at Ford Motor Company, Adidas, and Netflix depend on the platform to collaborate and deliver world-class products both physical and digital. Being highly skilled in the use of Gravity Sketch is important for new hires in industry leaders such as Adidas/Yeezy, sitting alongside tools like Adobe’s Photoshop.

Recent Activity:

  • Closing an exciting Series A round at the end of Jan, watch this space!

  • We have 4x our revenue and 5x our user base in the last year

  • We’re listed in Technation’s Upscale 6.0 Cohort, which features the UK’s best performing tech companies

  • We’ve been mentioned by Sifted in their ‘guide to the Metaverse’ article

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We’re a lean but ambitious team of 42 spread across the globe (UK, Europe & US). We may be geographically spread out, but we’re tied by our mission to radically change how teams communicate ideas spatially and expressively from anywhere.

We’re output-focused, with a flexible approach to working patterns and locations.

Innovation, collaboration, and creativity are at the heart of our culture. We encourage everyone to experiment, bring new ideas to the table, and challenge one another in order to arrive at the best solutions for our users. Trust is another fundamental, which is echoed through autonomy and ownership of our work. We rely on each other to be resourceful, make decisions quickly, give honest feedback, ask for help, or do whatever needs to be done in order to make a positive impact on the team, users, or business.

There's a real opportunity to grow with us on our journey. We foster growth mindsets, curiosity to learn, and eagerness to take initiative, which all contribute to our development as a team. Innovation day takes place every month, creating space to focus on an innovative passion project (something that would be cool for GS users).

We work hard, but also know how to have fun too, with company trips, socials, sports, gaming sessions, and more. We’re always open to trying new things if you want to share your hobby with the team!


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  • Gravity Sketch have a ‘Women at GS’ group who meet monthly for catch-ups, socialising, etc.

  • Gravity Sketch’s Co-Founder & CXO, Daniela Paredes Fuentes has been awarded £50,000 from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board Innovate UK as part of its Women in Innovation Awards 2019. The award grants funding and support to the UK’s most innovative female-led businesses with global potential.
    The Women in Innovation Awards are part of an Innovate UK’s campaign, to boost diversity and inclusion in business, encouraging female-led innovation and supporting women to achieve their business ambitions.




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