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Life at Deutsche Bank starts with challenging and interesting careers, working with some of the most talented people in the financial industry. Whether you work within one of our banking businesses or the infrastructure functions that support them you can expect an environment that embraces change, strives for innovation and recognises the power of collaboration. You can also expect to learn more about yourself - personally and professionally.

Deutsche Bank chooses to base its largest investment banking operations in the City of London, a centre of global flows of trade and wealth. We use this position as a global bank to keep our UK clients connected to markets, and help clients do business all over the world.

Deutsche Bank
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Website: https://country.db.com/uk/
Careers Website: https://careers.db.com/
Business Sector: Banking/Financial Services
HQ Location: London
Office Locations: 1,457 branches worldwide including the Asia Pacific region, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
Number of Employees:  70,000+

CEO: Christian Sewing
President, CFO: James von Moltke
Chief Technology, Data and Innovation Officer: Bernd Leukert

Women in Leadership

Chief Operating Officer: Rebecca Short

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As a leading global bank with roots in Germany, we’re driving change and innovation in the industry – championing integrity, sustainable performance and innovation with our clients, and redefining our culture and relationships with each other. We offer clients commercial and investment banking, retail banking and transaction banking as well as ground-breaking asset and wealth management products and services. We are structured around the four types of clients that we serve – institutions, corporates, fiduciaries, and private clients – and devolve greater responsibility, along with consequent accountability, to our four business divisions: Corporate & Investment Banking, Global Markets, Deutsche Asset Management, and Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients.

Our values


We aim to create an environment in which “speak up” and challenge are not just welcomed and respected, but are also a core part of our responsibilities, especially where actions or failures to act are inconsistent with this Code.

Integrity – We earn the trust of our clients, other stakeholders, communities and each other by acting with honesty and integrity and holding ourselves to high ethical standards. We seek to maintain open, credible, constructive and transparent relationships between ourselves, our clients and with our regulators.

Sustainable performance – Our bank is committed to generating sustainable value by responsibly balancing risks and returns and by putting long-term success over short-term gain. We do so by implementing appropriate oversight, controls and governance.

Client centricity – We place clients at the centre of our activities. To be successful, we must understand the rapidly changing needs of our clients. We aim to provide solutions to support our clients in value creation. In providing our services, we deliver what we promise to our clients and treat our clients fairly.

Innovation – We continuously embrace new and better ways of doing things while fully taking account of potential risks. Innovation is essential to our success, but must be properly assessed in light of the interests of our clients and stakeholders, and must include assessment of financial, operational, regulatory and reputational risks.

Discipline – We accept responsibility and assign clear accountability. We honour our commitments and meet deadlines, targets and deliverables. We learn from our mistakes.

Partnership – We benefit from collaborating in an inclusive environment, where our diversity enriches our decision-making and idea generation. We engage with and learn from others through open dialogue. We seek to work in a spirit of partnership, not just with our colleagues but also with our clients, stakeholders, political decision-makers and the wider community.

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Employees from across our Technology function are part of the Women in Technology group. Read more about why they're involved and what they think it brings to the business

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Nina has already gained lots of experience at Deutsche Bank – since joining the company nine years ago, she has worked in a number of departments in a variety of roles.

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Despite personal challenges and overcoming domestic turbulence, Vishali found stability, balance, and growth by not losing hope and reaching out for support during tough times. Her perspective advocates for a holistic approach to success that prioritises well-being and self-care.

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Women are less likely to pursue further education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects and are underrepresented in technology roles across industries. While the two facts are linked, companies have a range of options available to them to help strike a better gender balance in technology teams.

At Deutsche Bank, we explore how we can make a difference at every stage. From getting students interested in STEM, to hiring diverse talent and offering interesting career paths, we believe we have a responsibility to increase the level of female technology talent – regardless of whether they end up at Deutsche Bank or not.

Diversity and Inclusion are the foundations on which Deutsche Bank's values are built and are pre-requisites for our Global Hausbank ambitions. We are committed to ensuring that Deutsche Bank is a place where:

Our people feel a sense of belonging. Everyone feels welcomed, respected, listened to, treated fairly and can contribute and grow. Our people have the support they need to create a fulfilling career that enriches their personal lives.

High-performing teams have different skills, backgrounds, and experiences. We collaborate, encourage and enable open dialogue and diversity of views. We have meaningful conversations to enable continuous learning to support our evolution.

Our leaders create a more equitable environment. It thrives on actionable feedback, empowers everyone to contribute their best work and succeed. Our leaders are committed to, and accountable for, shaping a culture that results in the improved diversity of our talent – especially in senior, decision-making and client-facing roles.

Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives. They are a natural part of how we engage with our people, clients and society. Diverse perspectives contribute to better, more sustainable solutions for our clients. Deutsche Bank’s purpose to enable economic growth and societal progress as the Global Hausbank comes to life.

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WORKING AT Deutsche Bank

Christy, Business Analyst [Connector], Birmingham

Christy works in our Archiving Technology team in Birmingham.

She’s a Connector because she bridges the gap between technical and non-technical team members. She identifies complex solutions with engineers and translates the findings for business stakeholders. The Connector traits that Christy most resonates with are “communicator” and “analyst” – little wonder, given she presents valuable insights with such skill.

Thanks to her powerful pitch, Christy’s team won the CIO Corporate Functions Innovation Award 2023 – using her strength as a master communicator to bring the team success.

Gabriela, Frontend Developer [Equaliser], Bucharest

Gabriela develops Private Banking client platforms. She’s a people person who’s always looking to expand her knowledge. To gain new perspectives, she tries to have meaningful conversations with different colleagues every day.

Gabriela is an Equaliser because she’s organised, practical and logical. She believes much of her current success is down to the experienced people she surrounds herself with. Being ‘sponge-like’, Gabriela has been able to absorb a lot of technical and business skills in a short time, so she’s always ready to deliver rational, quality solutions.

Anna, Crypto Architect [Energiser], Frankfurt

Anna currently works in our crypto team in Frankfurt.

Anna doesn't just have degrees in mathematics and IT security – she also has incredible people skills. She oozes credibility and can influence others.

Anna’s an Energiser because she loves to motivate others. She likes being someone other people can reach out to and is eager to apply her skills as a force for good. In particular, she’s keen to support other women with career coaching and she enjoys organizing crypto events for students.

Renu, Graduate Analyst (Creator], Cary

Renu works in the United States in an AI/ML team focusing on Investment Bank clients. When looking for solutions to tasks, Renu likes to be open-minded and explore every avenue and possibility. This curiosity doesn’t just foster continuous learning, it also develops and hones her skills. It’s been particularly useful in her AI work.

As a Creator, Renu is always looking to learn, so it’s important she has access to development and training. She’s taken advantage of events like the Junior Network Tech Summit and Deutsche Bank’s own Hackathons as well as our specially designed engineering courses.

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Stage 1: Explore and research

We have a range of programmes which give you the option to start at any stage of your studies or after graduation. We recommend that you use our Employability Hub which we’ve built to support you with the application and assessment process. You can also search for events we are running that will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions of our employees before you apply.

Stage 2: Apply

Once you have all the information you need, it’s time to take the next step and apply. Visit our “Apply” page to search for the role that you wish to apply for. You will be asked to submit a short application form and to attach your CV. Make sure you check the eligibility criteria for the vacancy you are applying for. This information is displayed in each job description.

Stage 3: Online Assessments

You will be asked to take a series of online assessments. The type of assessments you will be asked to take will vary depending on the role that you are applying for.

Stage 4: Interview (all roles except in our Technology Centres)

An interview is your opportunity to tell us a bit more about you, your motivations for the role and what skills you can bring to Deutsche Bank. This is most likely to be a video interview, and you will be provided with some preparation time after being shown each question and before recording your response.


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Comprehensive pension scheme


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