At Planit, we provide businesses with the vision, precision and independence they need to improve the quality of their software and the way they deliver it.

As a global leader in quality engineering and assurance solutions, our 2,000+ consultants are at the forefront of the industry. Every day, they test themselves on a variety of challenging projects across our top-tier client base.

We are hungry to learn and drive our industry forward. This permeates the fabric of our culture, with core values centred around continuous growth and excellence, as we look to inspire minds and raise the bar.

We embrace and encourage diversity. We strive to create an environment that’s productive, welcoming, fair, rewarding, and fun for everyone. We act with integrity and harness sustainability as a catalyst for positive change.

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Website:  www.planittesting.com
Careers Website:  www.planittesting.com/careers
Business Sector: IT consulting
HQ Locations: Sydney, Australia
Office Locations: Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines and the UK
Number of Employees:  2,000

Planit Executives

Chief Executive Officer: Mike Weale
Chief Operating Officer: Alex Edwards
Chief Financial Officer: Simon Peach
Chief People & Culture Officer: Emma Brbich
Chief Revenue Officer: Jason Bargent

Women in Leadership:

General Manager, Operations: Kate Ellery
General Manager, People & Culture: Linda Agnew
General Manager, Delivery (Au): Michelle Green
General Manager, Delivery (Au): Rebecca Ryan
General Manager, Delivery (Mumbai): Anushi Agarwal
General Manager, People Excellence & Agility: Leanne Howard
General Manager, Finance: Elaine O’Mahony
Director of People & Culture: Aimee Simpson
Director of People & Culture: Claire Robinson-Learoyd
Practice Director - Quality Engineering: Dr Tafline Ramos
Practice Director - Customer Insight & Advisory: Susanne Matson
Director of Marketing: Kirsty Allen

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Our Mission

Partnering with clients to unlock the true value of quality, through vision, precision, and independence.

Our Direction:

Beyond testing, we co-create growth avenues with clients, delivering foresight whilst executing.

Quality is redefined in the category, from the removal of risk to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

Our reputation for precision, independence and pragmatism, positions us as strategic partners sought out across the globe.


Our Vision

Redefining quality, unlocking possibility.

Our Pillars:

We are actively redefining the future of DX with our clients as the result of our faultless grounding in delivery for today.

We are a team of passionate experts, invested in leading their clients to technological possibilities beyond testing.

We are co-creating a resilient society in which customer experience is enhanced by advanced business platforms, giving people the ability to enjoy their digital services with confidence.

Our roots in integrity, independence and precision allow us to partner with clients globally, delivering boutique service at scale.


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Meet the team





At Planit, we are bound by a set of common values and mission of partnering with clients to unlock the true value of quality, through vision, precision and independence. Together, we are united in our pursuit of redefining quality and unlocking possibility.

Raise the bar, exceed expectations
By staying at the forefront of our field, we achieve our clients’ quality goals quicker, making technological possibilities a reality. We are committed to lifting the standard for others and being the champions of global quality.

Lead with integrity, collaborate openly
We act with integrity and accountability, communicating openly, with each other and with our clients. In doing so, we drive collaboration, welcome diversity of thought and make a greater contribution to our culture across the globe.

Inspiring minds, continuous growth
We are inherently curious. Continuously learning, seeking new experiences, acquiring new perspectives and taking on greater challenges. The pace of innovation means we will never know everything, but that won’t stop us trying.

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Interview Process

Stage 1: Explore and research

Stage 2: Apply

Stage 3: Online Assessments (if applicable)

Stage 4: Interview



At Planit, we embrace and encourage diversity. We strive to create an environment that’s productive, welcoming, fair, rewarding, and fun for everyone!

Gender balance

We are committed to empowering and improving the status of female employees at all levels. We strongly support women in tech initiatives and are proud to be a 50/50 gender-balanced workforce that offers fair and equitable remuneration to our people.

Racial and religious equity

We each bring a collection of lived and embodied experiences to our role and at Planit this is encouraged. With a diverse range of nationalities, cultures, and religions we bring a deeper appreciation for the perspective of others.


We foster an inclusive, safe, and supportive work environment for all people regardless of their identity and personal preferences. We provide sensitivity and inclusivity training for all employees to foster an environment free of judgment and harassment.

Back to work

Returning to work should not be challenging for parents who take time to focus on their family, or for workers coming out of retirement. We understand such breaks are sometimes necessary and offer free training to build the skills of returning employees.

Open to all

We welcome the skills and experience of people from all walks of life. Our simplified approach to the job-seeking process is designed to allow highly qualified people with limited exposure to technology to transition smoothly into a career with us.

Support for disabilities

Our inclusive and accessible work environment is designed to help integrate people with disabilities. We are steadfast supporters of remote working, so any individuals with special needs can work partially or fully from the comfort of their home.

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Perks and Benefits

Generous pension 7% employer contribution
Length of service awards
Uber eats
Luxury FORA office spaces in London & Reading
Planit Socials
LinkedIN Learning & Planit Academy Training Platforms
Cycle Program
Hybrid Working
Global mobility & transfers
Paid overtime
Competitive Referral Scheme
Nominated Beneficiary equal to four times salary
Electric car program
Free flu jab
24 hour EAP
Tech Program
WPA Health Insurance for you and dependents
Birthday gifts
Supernova awards


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