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At Moonpig Group our purpose is to create better, more personal, connections between people that care about each other. We are an international group, comprising the Moonpig, Buyagift and Red Letter Days brands in the UK and the Greetz brand in the Netherlands.

We are a technology platform at heart, but our customers know us as the leading eCommerce destination for greetings cards, physical gifts, flowers and gift experiences. Even though we’ve been around for over 20 years, we continue to disrupt the market. In FY23, we delivered 49 million personalised cards, gifts and flower bouquets in 34m orders, helping our customers celebrate all the occasions that matter to them, from milestone birthdays and anniversaries, seasonal events, to the "just becauses".

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Website: www.moonpig.com

Careers Websites: Moonpig and Greetz ,Buyagift and Red Letter Days
Business Sector: Internet, E-Commerce

HQ Location: London
Office Locations: London, Manchester, Guernsey, Tamworth, Amsterdam
Number of Employees: 400+

CEO: Nickyl Raithatha

Women in Leadership:

People Director: Jess Taylor (interim) (Moonpig/Greetz)
Director of Data Insights: Celia Wilson (Moonpig/Greetz)
Chief Product, Technology & Data Officer: Georgie Smallwood (Moonpig/Greetz)
Marketing Director: Amy Saxton (Buyagift/Red Letter Days)
Finance Director: Kate Walton (Buyagift/Red Letter Days)
Trading Director: Catherine Ainsworth (Buyagift/Red Letter Days)

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Latest vacancies

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Our vision is to become the ultimate online gifting companion in our core geographical markets

Our goal is for our brands to become synonymous with gifting in their respective markets. We have already evolved from the online leader in personalised greeting cards into a card-first gifting platform, and the next phase of our journey is to leverage data science capabilities to transition into a holistic online gifting companion, increasing our share of the gifting market and becoming the destination of choice for customers celebrating all the important occasions and events in their lives.

Moonpig Group Logo SquareDiversity & Inclusion

At Moonpig Group, we’re committed to creating an inclusive and caring culture with brilliant people who feel a real sense of belonging. We welcome and celebrate all diverse backgrounds to Moonpig Group, from working parents who need flexibility with their hours to individuals who are neurodiverse and prefer to work a certain way.

We’re proud to have several employee-led committees across our organisation, including the LGBTQ+ Committee, The Gender Balance Committee, B-You and our Moonpig EMBRACE Committee (Educating Myself for Better Racial Awareness and Cultural Enrichment).

We’ll continue to push for diversity and inclusion so that all Moonpig employees feel safe and comfortable to be their true authentic self at work.

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Blogs & Podcasts

Insights from an early careers data scientist

Ash Salim, Associate Data Scientist at Moonpig, shares her experiences so far as an early career data scientist, the challenges and opportunities she’s faced, as well as how companies can influence more young women to join the tech sector.

Transitioning into tech: What it's like to switch

In this episode we discuss how to make the transition into the tech industry. To help us explore this, we’re joined by Tigerlily Jagun-Howell, Associate Product Manager, at Moonpig to share her career pivot story and life at Moonpig.

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Meet some of the team

Katie Robinson“I love that I get to work on some really unique projects with an incredibly talented team. Moonpig's brilliant learning and development resources have enabled me to hire and support a number of career switchers who have all added a huge amount of depth and strong skill sets to our Tech team.”

Katie Robinson, Engineer and Co-Chair of LGBTQ+ Committee Chair

"I am passionate about my work on projects that allow me to utilize the finest UI/UX practices, ultimately contributing to Buagift's remarkable technological evolution.

"Buyagift has not only provided me with the opportunity to assemble an incredibly talented team, but they have also contributed a wide range of skills and expertise to our product and technology department, thereby enhancing our overall capabilities.”

Bella Salazar, Product Design Manager
Gemma Thompson-Hart, Data Engineering Manager

“Being part of such a talented and diverse tech team is a real privilege. There is a great team culture offering opportunities to learn new tools, new skills and gain insight into others experiences with technology and engineering. I have been able to invest in the growth of my team  through new hires and a modern tech stack. It's an exciting time to be a part of the Experiences team”

Ash Salim, Data Scientist 

"At Moonpig, I find myself at the intersection of innovation and personalisation, where data science transforms customer interactions into unique, tailored experiences. As a Data Scientist, I thrive in an environment that continuously challenges me to push boundaries and expand my horizons. Working on the core recommendation systems, I tailor recommendations to enhance customer personalisation, ensuring that every interaction feels special and relevant. Collaboration isn’t just a concept here; it’s the driving force behind our success. Our diverse talents come together, each contributing to the collective brilliance that defines our team. Moonpig has also provided me with the platform to advocate for diversity and inclusion as the co-chair of the Embrace Committee. This role allows me to help cultivate a culture that values every individual’s unique perspective, making our company a place where everyone can thrive. Being part of Moonpig means more than just working on projects; it means being part of a journey that blends innovation, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence, crafting personalised experiences that resonate with customers worldwide."

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Our Tech Stack

React Testing
Library Cypress
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25 days holiday
Private Health Care
Private Dental Plan
Dog Allowed
Life Assurance
Access to training workshops and courses
Employee Assistance Programme
24hr access to Mental Health and Wellbeing resources
Competitive Salary
Cycle2work Scheme
Referral Scheme
Interest-free travel loan
Flexible working programme
Bonus Scheme
Enhance Parental Care
Discounts on Products


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