Transforming our global agriculture system is the single most important thing we can do to combat climate change. Regrow is a multinational team of software engineers, product managers, scientists, and agronomists committed to transforming the supply chain to ensure a prosperous future for our people and planet.

Regrow is the first cloud-based platform to unlock the power and profitability of resilient agriculture through a single, measurable and verifiable system. Regrow combines best-in-class agronomy with soil and carbon modelling to deliver configurable, site-specific and scalable solutions to businesses across the supply chain.

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Key Info

Website: https://www.regrow.ag
Careers: https://www.regrow.ag/careers
Business Sector: Agriculture; Agtech; Sustainability
HQ Location: Durham, NH, US
Office Locations: Durham, NH, US; New South Wales, Australia
Number of Employees:

CEO & Co-founder: Anastasia Volkova
Chief Technology Officer: Juan Delard de Rigoulières Mantelli
Head Of Engineering: Aleksey Achkasov
CMO: Andy Klopstad

Women in Leadership:

Head of Product: Kelly Champavier
Global Head of Business & Product development: Manal Elarab

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Regrow are hiring

Regrow are hiring


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Our Mission

Our mission is to make resilient agriculture ubiquitous. On every acre. Globally.

Our vision is for agriculture to be driven by science and technology to restore the environmental balance globally to nourish the population and be equitable for everyone. Environment. People. Equity. In that order.

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Articles by Regrow

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We’ve got a lot to do at Regrow. We’re working to heal the earth by transforming our food systems.

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When you start a company, you dream of the impact that you want to make, the change you want to see in the world.

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COP26 government pledges show increased ambition towards vital temperature reductions.

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Our goals for mitigating climate change through emissions reductions seem to be widely supported by individuals, corporations and governments alike.

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Agriculture technology has evolved significantly over the last decade. And there’s still plenty of room for it to grow.

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Climate change impacts our food systems in serious and sometimes irreversible ways.

Our values

Our Values

Regrow Core Values

Impact & efficiency
We maximize our impact with available resources

We communicate and make our actions clear to others

We value collaboration over individual performance

Commitment to customers:
We are committed to the success of agrifood industry

We own and feel the value of our personal contribution

Global Exchange

Worldwide Innovation

Located all Over the World:

We’re a multinational team of scientists, agronomists, engineers, and software developers. Working with Regrow, you will have access to diverse experiences and perspectives from across the globe, and the chance to make a global impact with your work.

At the Forefront of Innovation:

Our employees have extensive knowledge in their fields. At Regrow, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with experts. Together, your work will push the boundaries of science and technology.

Focused on the Future:

With Regrow, you’ll be contributing to the future of food systems and agriculture. Our energetic team is poised to make a difference and driven by passion. Every day, your work will actively combat climate change, and your efforts will guide us to a healthier future.

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Working at Regrow

Combating climate change is no easy feat. We know this, and our work reflects the weight of the problems we face. But we’ve got the power of people on our side. We’ve nurtured a team of passionate, smart, dedicated colleagues who have made it their mission to transform our future.

We move quickly, we’re committed to our goal, and though our work is built from scratch, we make sure we get the final product right. We’re a team of straight-shooters that prioritizes clarity, humanity, and shared learning.

Employee Impact

Every member of our team is encouraged to take responsibility for our company goals, and use their skills to help us reach them. Regrow empowers employees to leverage their strengths, make impactful contributions, and contribute to meaningful work both personally and professionally.

Working Remote, Staying Close

Regrow operates remotely. This allows us to connect with excellent minds across the globe, and enables our employees to work from an environment that is best-suited for them. However, we recognize the importance of strong interpersonal connections and we routinely make time for in-person activities and offline gatherings.

Commitment to Improving Diversity

It’s obvious to us that diverse teams perform best. As more experiences and perspectives are added to our table, we become more certain that we are doing the right thing for the world - every part of it. Our executive team is committed to keeping diversity and inclusion at the top of our priority list, and we search for colleagues that share our value of inclusivity. We also had a commitment to 50/50% women in leadership, which we have met in 2021 and continue to sustain.

Industry Commendations Industry Commendations


Our Hiring Process

1. Initial Conversation

Once we’ve reviewed your application, you’ll join a member of our hiring team for a brief phone call. During this time, we’ll get to know you better, and you can ask any initial questions you have about Regrow or the role you’ve applied for

2. Sample Project

Following an initial conversation, you’ll learn more about our team and working style. Depending on the role you’ve applied for, you may be invited to a virtual onsite with the team, or you may be asked to complete a take-home project.

3. Final Chat

After the task review, you’ll have a final discussion with a member of our executive team.

Meet some of our team

“The best part about working for Regrow is the constant knowing that every task completed, both small and large, is not only intrinsically contributing to our collective passion for regenerative agriculture but also making a global difference. If you choose to work at Regrow, you will be surrounded by passionate, like-minded, individuals who care more about saving our climate and planet than they are about getting their next paycheck, and that is a dream to me."

Alexandra Halligan Data Analyst

“I love the collaborative nature and open communication in our company. Knowing that you’re working with a team that is passionate about getting our science and products out into the field and into the hands of people who can make meaningful change is extremely motivational.”

Katelyn Dolan, Research Scientist

Our Tech Stack

App Engine

Our Perks

Work with Experts
Paid Time Off
Women in Leadership
Health Benefits
Remote Work
Value-Based Salaries


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