Nominations are open for SheCanCode’s inaugural Power Up Awards

SheCanCode Power Up Awards


SheCanCode are thrilled to introduce our Power Up Awards, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women in tech!

In line with our commitment to recognising and amplifying the accomplishments of women in the tech sector, these awards provide a platform to acknowledge and celebrate their remarkable feats.

Power Up Awards

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Power Up Awards are now open for nominations. Open to those in the UK, our awards feature a diverse range of categories, ensuring that every facet of achievement is acknowledged. From individual triumphs to company-specific accolades, the Power Up Awards 2024 are a comprehensive celebration of excellence. Whether you’re a trailblazing developer, an innovative entrepreneur, or part of a company making strides in gender diversity, there’s a category for you.

To nominate yourself or an inspiring woman you know, click the button below. The process is simple, and the recognition is profound. Let’s come together to celebrate and amplify the voices of women who power up the tech industry.


The Power Up Awards feature a diverse range of categories celebrating women’s achievements and contributions in the tech sector. Our categories include both individual and company-specific options.



There is also a coveted Editor’s Choice category, sponsored by Natilik, which will be exclusively chosen by the SheCanCode Team, who will be looking for individuals who show innovation, creativity and passion for their role.

Key dates

  • Nominations open – 8th March 2024
  • Nominations close – 7th June 2024
  • Shortlist announced – 29th July 2024
  • Public vote opens – 29th July 2024
  • Public vote closes – 30th August 2024
  • Winners announced – September 2024

The Power Up Awards 2024 are more than accolades; they are a rallying call for change. Join us in celebrating the incredible women who inspire us, break barriers, and shape the future of tech. Together, let’s power up and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry. SheCanCode is proud to be a driving force in the journey towards equality in tech. With the Power Up Awards 2024, we’re not just recognizing achievements; we’re amplifying the voices that deserve to be heard. Join us on this empowering journey.

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Power Up Awards


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