Staying ahead of the game: Navigating the evolving landscape of tech in digital marketing

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Evi Sianna, Senior Content Strategy Director at Brave Bison, delves into the dynamic realm of digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and adaptable amidst rapid technological advancements. From embracing AI to continuous education and networking, Evi provides insights and strategies for professionals to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

The exciting world of digital is constantly evolving.

And, as such, we’re in a race to keep up with the changes and shifts in both tech and consumer behaviours. More than ever, understanding and embracing these changes, while employing digital marketing tactics that keep us competitive and effective, is crucial.

To help keep a competitive advantage, staying informed and being adaptable is paramount. Being able to quickly digest and take advantage of emerging technologies can be the difference between progress and stagnation. However, with the sheer volume of content and the fast-paced nature of tech changes, it can feel daunting trying to keep up with the latest developments.

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Understanding the landscape

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Many industry professionals are employing and testing it to analyse vast amounts of data, automate tasks and deliver personalised experiences at scale. By utilising it constantly, AI can learn and adapt, helping professionals to refine and optimise their strategies. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, users are significantly adapting to shorter video content, either entertaining or informational. This means that more thought needs to go into what content users are more likely to consume.

Investing in continuous education and training is going to be critical to be able to stay up to date. An open mind towards embracing, testing, and learning is also going to be an essential part of progress and success.

Advancing skill sets

Whether someone is just starting out with their career or has been in the industry for years, continuous learning is pivotal. It’s often challenging to manage a work-life balance, let alone adding more time to learning new skills. However, neglecting personal development means risking getting left behind. A simple way to ensure that time is dedicated to learning is to block time in a calendar weekly, picking days that are the quietest in terms of workload or expectations.

One of the greatest advantages of keeping up with learning is that it allows individuals to stay relevant within their industry. In today’s job market people must be competent and ensure their skills are constantly adapting to reflect the market’s needs.

Keeping informed with trends can help to give a more rounded view of things when it’s time to make informed decisions about certain strategies. It increases mental stimulation, enabling team members to build self-esteem.

Some useful resources to keep in mind for ongoing education are online courses offered by websites such as Hubspot, CIM and Econsultancy, a list of publications to read such as Contently, Search Engine Land, Marketing-HBR and Marketing Week and industry publications like LinkedIn.

Networking and collaboration

Hearing other people’s ideas and the exchange of different opinions can keep a team growing professionally. Networking with peers and industry experts helps build confidence and can add to professional development.

There are numerous ways to do so, from participating in relevant industry events including conferences such as BrightonSEO to online workshops (Eventbrite) where people come together and learn from each other. Online communities such as LinkedIn or online marketing forums where people share their tips and advice. And using social media to share work and engage with respective peers is another great way to network and collaborate.

Following powerful thought leaders

Following influential figures in the digital marketing and tech industry is beneficial. These are the people that can usually help shape these trends and it’s a good way to learn from their own thinking and perspective and discover new ideas. These figures could be people like thought leaders, experts, practitioners, or even brands that share their thoughts on platforms such as LinkedIn. Subscribing to their blogs and podcasts for insights and updates is another good way to stay aware.

Experimentation and hands-on experience

Continuous experimentation allows peers to test new ideas, optimise strategies or tailor them to reflect the market’s needs. This can be anything from testing new tools to adopting fresh techniques and strategies.

Netflix is a good example of a brand that has been experimenting for years and its continuous innovation is always talked about. The brand delivers highly tailored content to its users by data-driven personalisation. This is an efficient method to engage and maintain its users.

Adopt a lifelong learning mindset

Whilst this might sound like a lot, it’s the crude reality that information overload is a real challenge along with trying to maintain a work-life balance. Time is limited for many, resources are tight but through prioritisation, time management and setting goals that are realistic it’s possible to stay in the loop with an ever-evolving industry. Adopting a lifelong learning mindset is going to be paramount for those that want to progress and develop.

For those women working in the tech and digital marketing sphere, this is a primary way to carve out a meaningful, blossoming career – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that?




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