Spring clean your career: Expert tips to help you refresh your role

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With employers often intensifying hiring efforts at the onset of a new financial year, it's an opportune time for individuals to "spring clean" their careers. Generation Logistics, in collaboration with industry experts, offers valuable insights and advice on effective strategies to rejuvenate your career this Spring.

As the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer, the start of Spring signifies a time to refresh priorities.

With many employers ramping up their hiring at the start of a new financial year, career experts highlight why the new season is the perfect time to spring clean your career.

Generation Logistics, an awareness campaign for the logistics sector, has partnered with experts who share their top tips on the best ways to refresh your career this Spring.

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Spring clean your CV.

Spring signifies a period of change and reflection – a great opportunity for job hunters  to freshen up their CV and start thinking about a career change.

As Liz Sebag‑Montefiore, Director and Co‑Founder at 10Eighty, says, “With the change in season comes a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career goals and accomplishments. Therefore, this is an appropriate time to reevaluate your career trajectory and realign your CV with your aspirations.”

Take time to figure out what you want from your job.

Understanding what it is that you want from a career, along with your values and motivations, is essential for finding the right job for you. Recent research shows that Brits seek a “good work-life balance” the most when job hunting (69%), followed closely by “high rates of pay” (66%).

Liz adds that it is important that you “understand what your values are, what motivates you, what your skills, talents and strengths are, so you can identify organisations where you can add value.”

Consider more than the job title and salary, but the company too.

Knowing the kind of company you want to work for is crucial. Consider any particular benefits you seek, like the option to work remotely. For example, last year 58% of employers provided remote work opportunities to eligible employees. Do not be tempted to apply for every job you see, as chances are you will end up working for a company that does not fulfil you and you will be back on the job market in a few months’ time.

As Grainne Simpson, Internal Hiring Manager for ITR Partners, confirms: “By taking the time to read a job spec thoroughly, and by getting to know the company culture, you will have a better idea if you’re capable of doing the job well, have a realistic chance in the running and if your values align with the company’s.”

Taking time to consider more than just the job title and salary, and thinking about day-to-day responsibilities and company culture can also provide an insight into your ideal role and can help refine the job searching process.

Maintain a positive online presence

Many individuals maintain an online presence through platforms including LinkedIn, X, or Instagram. It is vital to keep this presence current, positive and devoid of negativity, as employers do take notice. Studies show that 91% of employers now incorporate social media into their hiring procedures. Enhancing your online visibility by showcasing professional achievements, engaging in industry-related discussions, staying active on pertinent social media accounts, and regularly updating your profile can boost your appeal to potential employers significantly.

It is also vital that your CV and LinkedIn profile align with one another. Grainne Simpson continues, “One of the biggest mistakes I come across is when a candidate’s CV and LinkedIn profile are inconsistent. It can be a huge turn-off for hiring managers if there are discrepancies between the two, as it can look like you’re hiding something, or that you may not be serious about your job search.”

Networking is your best friend!

Networking provides numerous advantages for job seekers and stands as one of the top methods for discovering new employment opportunities. Interact and connect with professionals on platforms such as LinkedIn or X within your desired industry as confirmed by Sebag-Montefiore: “Spend time building relationships – the best way to land a job is through your network. Strategically network with those who have power of influence, those you’ve done a favour for and those you know well.”

Bethany Windsor, Programme Director at Generation Logistics says: “The current economic challenges have changed our approach to work and encouraged many to re-evaluate what they want from a career, with Spring presenting the perfect time to implement this.

“When doing so, it’s crucial to take the time to learn where you want to focus your career. Many people crave variety in their role, as well as the opportunity to develop, learn new skills and have the chance to work on really exciting projects.

“Working in the logistics sector provides so many young people with exactly that. Through Generation Logistics, we are raising awareness of the many career opportunities available within the logistics profession, while also highlighting the accessibility of those opportunities at all levels. We’re excited to encourage the next generation of logistics professionals to join the sector, as we work hard to keep the country running!”

With a wealth of different opportunities available within logistics, job-seekers are encouraged to explore roles that may be of interest. Find out how a career in logistics can suit you here.

Those who are working in education who want to shine a light on the opportunities within logistics to pupils are encouraged to visit the campaign’s Education Hub. Offering a dedicated, downloadable, resource library of KS3 to KS5 curriculum-relevant material for teachers and career advisors, the Hub provides lesson plans  and student-ready tools for educators, focused on the Generation Logistics Careers Booklet, which is available to download here.



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