Looking back at the top Spilling the T episodes of 2023

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SheCanCode's 'Spilling the T' series for 2023 brought together a diverse array of influential voices from the tech industry. This round-up features a compilation of the most compelling and insightful episodes, highlighting the challenges, successes, and experiences of women in technology. From navigating professional obstacles to fostering inclusive workplaces, each episode delves into the personal journeys and expertise of our esteemed guests, providing a wealth of inspiration and knowledge for aspiring women in tech.

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the impactful conversations that unfolded on SheCanCode’s ‘Spilling the T’ this year.

From candid discussions about navigating the tech landscape to unraveling the challenges and triumphs of women in the field, this round-up encapsulates the most inspiring and thought-provoking episodes of the year.

Join us as we revisit the enlightening narratives and wisdom shared by our esteemed guests, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of empowerment and knowledge within the tech community.

Moving the needle: How can current women in tech help future generations to come

On the surface, it looks like gender imbalance in the workplace is levelling out in tech and that women are being represented fairly. 

But, when you delve deeper into the statistics, there’s still considerable work to be done.

In this podcast episode, we take a look at what the current generation of women in tech can do to help move the needle on female representation and how they can be the catalyst that inspires young girls. 

Joining us to discuss this is Clare Hickie, Chief Technology Officer for EMEA, Workday! 

Clare joined Workday in June 2018. She is not only a passionate technology champion but inspires tech leaders to achieve full advantage from the rich Workday platform. As an IT specialist, Clare started her career in the .com era, moving on to the current times of digital transformation. Prior to joining Workday, she worked for large blue-chip organisations including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and General Electric . Originally from Ireland, she spent many years living in the UK, but is now based back on the East Coast of Ireland. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Studies and Business Studies from Brunel University, London.

Retraining as a Software Engineer in your 30s

Your 30s are an important time in your life. People tend to settle down, get married, have kids, see promotions at work, and their salaries increase. 

You might even decide that this is the time to change careers and try something new. This is exactly what Beca Parker, Mid-Level Developer at Redgate Software, decided to do. 

In this episode, she sits down with us to share her career transition, challenges, and triumphs and hear all about her new career at Redgate Software.

How women of colour can get ahead in tech when it’s built for white males

There are more CEOs named Peter leading the top UK companies than there are female CEOs in total. This speaks to a widespread issue of gender diversity in the tech industry but when we compound barriers faced by women with the intersectional characteristic of race, the outcomes are more dire.

It’s no secret that the technology industry has a diversity problem.

On today’s show, we’re joined by Almarni Khan, Inclusion & Diversity Programme Manager at GBG, the digital identity experts.

Almarni shares her own experiences and the challenges that women of colour continue to face, what needs to done, and why we need to challenge the existing structures within businesses to ensure they are inclusive to all. It is critical that women in tech are supported to claim their own space and grow and develop throughout their careers.

Juggling motherhood and working in tech: Designing your own work-life balance

72% of women in the tech industry believe their careers are still suffering due to childcare and family responsibilities, according to a survey of 100 female tech leaders by London Tech Week. Thankfully, bold businesses and individuals are starting to bring about change. 

To be a successful working mother it takes passion, drive, and courage, but also the support of a good employer. In this episode of Spilling The T, we sit down with Maria Chappell, Analytics Engineer at Dojo, who shares her experience of being a working parent in tech and how the support of your employer can make such a difference.

Transitioning into tech: What it’s like to switch

When transitioning to a new career, it is expected that you might have a few gaps in your skills and knowledge. It’s important therefore to prepare yourself properly for your chosen career ahead, as you strive to differentiate yourself from the more experienced competition. 

In this episode we discuss how to make the transition into the tech industry. To help us explore this, we’re joined by Tigerlily Jagun-Howell, Associate Product Manager, at Moonpig to share her career pivot story and life at Moonpig. 

Want to be a Developer? Here’s everything you need to know

Interested in a career as a Developer? You’ll want to tune in to this session as we delve into everything you need to know about the role, skills and tips on getting ahead.

To help us explore this further, we’re joined by Ellora Praharaj, Director of Reliability Engineering, Stack Overflow

Ellora is a technologist with over a decade of experience and tonnes of in-depth knowledge and expertise to share.

Being authentic whilst getting your voice heard

When Merissa Silk, Senior Staff Product Manager at Onfido, started out in product and technology, she was naturally quiet and reserved, and struggled to speak up in team discussions despite being a subject matter expert.

This was amplified in the workplace as Merissa often worked in male-dominated teams. As she took on more senior roles, Merissa realised she needed to build more resilience. She adopted an overly direct and forward communication style like her co-workers at the time, but this just wasn’t “her”.

Sometimes it can feel like a lose-lose for women in leadership, meaning that we are often judged for demonstrating too many classically ‘male’ behaviours and penalised for being too classically ‘female’.

Merissa decided to shift her focus inwards and developed a style that was true to her principles. As part of this journey, she reflected on personal and professional development, finding her leadership style and voice, and becoming more confident and irrepressible.

Merissa joins us today to share her story and give her advice on being your true self at work, while getting your voice heard.

You can’t be what you can’t see – the importance of having female role models in tech

Seeing is believing!

Studies have shown that having role models within STEM is an incredibly effective way to encourage women into the sector; inspire them to be more ambitious; and show them what is possible.

But with a lack of female representation in tech, where can women and girls find role models? And how do we encourage those already in the sector to share their stories?

To discuss this and more, we’re joined by Sue-Ellen Wright, Managing Director of Aerospace, Sopra Steria.

In a career spanning more than thirty years, Sue-Ellen has worked alongside international clients to deliver IT & BPO services to carry transformation programmes across several sectors. She has been with Sopra Steria for 6 years and became Managing Director of Aerospace Defence and Security in January 2020. She also plays a number of additional key roles across the organisation including being a keen supporter engaging in Sopra Steria’s Women in Leadership programme.

Tips & tricks to excel as a woman in tech

You’ve made it – you’ve worked hard to achieve your spot in the tech industry, but what next? How can you advance and excel as a woman in tech?

In today’s Spilling the T, we sit down with Ayshea Robertson, People and Culture Director, Zen Internet, to take a look at her career, standing out from the crowd and tips and tricks to excel in the tech industry.

How to say ‘no’: Setting boundaries at work without sacrificing your career success

We’ve all seen the headlines in recent weeks – ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘acting your wage’ have apparently ripped through workforces, with employees no longer saying ‘yes’ to the hustle culture!

But is this necessarily a bad thing? With burnout on the rise and a greater focus on mental well-being – should we be setting more boundaries in the workplace?

In this episode, we’re joined by Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO) at WorkForce Software. Sandra will talk us through why it’s important to set boundaries at work, how to stick to them, and why you don’t need to sacrifice your career in return.

Sandra is one of the Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS, and CMO at WorkForce Software, has a strong background in tech, enabling software and technology companies to strengthen their brand and accelerate revenue growth for over 25 years.


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