Embracing authenticity: Redefining success in tech

Seda Zuhlke Podcast


Tune into the latest episode of Spilling the T, as we're joined by Seda Kunda, Mobile Engineer at Zuhlke. Seda joins us to redefine the very concept of career goals and success in tech.

When Seda Kunda’s father introduced her to the world of technology in Zambia, little did she know that her passion for computer science would blossom into a remarkable career as a mobile engineer at Zuhlke.

In our latest Spilling the T episode, you’ll hear Seda’s empowering story, which defies the outdated notion that tech is a “man’s world.” She shares her inspiring decision to pursue her interests despite societal expectations and the striking gender disparity she’s faced along the way. Her experiences shed light on the courage it takes to be true to oneself in an industry still skewed towards male dominance.

Navigating the tech industry as a woman brings its unique set of challenges, but also profound realizations about what success truly means. Our conversation with Seda delves into her journey through these moments of enlightenment, as she breaks down the myth that leadership is the be-all and end-all career achievement. We’ll explore how embracing one’s individuality can lead to a fulfilling path, and the crucial role work environments play in allowing authenticity to flourish. Listen as Seda imparts wisdom on overcoming being unheard in team settings and how to stand firm against the pressure to conform to conventional leadership styles.

Many professionals grapple with the traditional “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question, but what if the answer lies outside the bounds of societal pressure? Seda joins us to redefine the very concept of career goals and success in tech. We’ll discuss the significance of relatable role models, the value of contributions at all levels, and how true contentment often requires a personal, rather than prescribed, definition of success. This episode is a clarion call for tech enthusiasts to forge their own paths, guided by authenticity and their unique strengths.


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