From catering to code: Linda Scott from Zuhlke’s unconventional path to tech leadership

Linda Scott, Zuhlke Podcast


Embark with us as Zuhlke's Linda Scott, a tour-de-force in Scotland's tech industry, unravels her transformative trajectory from catering to tech leadership.

This Spilling the T episode illuminates the hidden bridges between seemingly unrelated career paths, underscoring Linda’s belief that you don’t need to be a coder to soar in tech.

As Business Development Director at Zuhlke, Linda’s compelling narrative will stir your ambitions and challenge the preconceptions about what it takes to succeed in the fast-evolving digital realm.

In the world of networking, Linda’s evolution from a hesitant participant to a fervent advocate delivers a masterclass on the art of fostering genuine connections. Her insights redefine networking as a cultivation of mutual support rather than a transactional hustle. Under her guidance, the West Lydon Chamber of Commerce flourished, and her ascent to its leadership is a story of strategic innovation and unwavering commitment to community. Linda’s anecdotes will inspire you to create your own ‘army’ of professional allies, one meaningful interaction at a time.

Finally, Linda’s journey is a resonant reminder of the power of self-belief and the audacity to leap towards new professional horizons. She imparts wisdom on effective leadership, the significance of embracing joy in your work, and navigating career paths with authenticity. The episode culminates with a look toward the future of leadership in tech, where servant-led styles and diverse career backgrounds are shaping a new vision for success. Tune in for an episode that not only shares Linda’s story but also invites you to chart a course to your own professional triumphs.


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