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SheCanCode's podcast, "Spilling the T," shares stories from leading female figures in tech from the USA and Canada, discussing their unique challenges. Engaging with a range of tech topics, the podcast features discussions on blockchain's humanitarian role, setting work boundaries, attracting female tech talent, championing women in tech, diversity in space, gender gap solutions, and breaking the glass ceiling in technology leadership.

Many of our guests are based in the USA and Canada and have their own unique set of challenges as a woman in tech. Hear their stories on the Spilling the T podcast.

SheCanCode’s ‘Spilling the Tpodcast offers conversations with top female voices in the tech sector, as we plunge into the latest topics that have captured our imagination recently.

Learn about a range of tech disciplines and how to establish a career in them – we lay it out bare and Spill the T on everything you need to know.

The role of blockchain in humanitarian initiatives

with Lacey Hunter, CEO and Co-Founder of TechAid

In this episode, Lacey Hunter, CEO and Co-Founder of TechAid, joins us to take a  look at how crypto can be used for good and the role of Blockchain in humanitarian initiatives.

How to say ‘no’: Setting boundaries at work without sacrificing your career success

with Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO), WorkForce Software

In this episode, we’re joined by Sandra Moran, Chief  Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO) at WorkForce  Software. Sandra talks us through why it’s important to set boundaries at work, how to stick to them, and why you don’t need to sacrifice your career in return.

More than just flexibility: Attracting and retaining female tech talent

with Megan Barbier, Vice President, People & Culture, Jumio

what can companies do to further their female workforces’ careers, attract a more diverse workforce and retain their current talent? To give us an idea of what more needs to be done to attract and retain female tech talent, we catch up with  Megan Barbier, Vice President, People & Culture at Jumio.

Championing women in tech: Why we need to lift as we climb

with Mary Shea, Global Innovation Evangelist, Outreach

There are a number of initiatives championing women in tech, networking groups, women’s events and awards all trying to address the lack of women in tech. But why should we care? And what can women do to champion each other? To answer this, we hear from Mary Shea, Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach.

Owning your own socio-economic background & getting ahead in tech

with Dr Tendü Yogurtcu, Chief Technology Officer, Precisely

We catch up with Dr. Tendu Yogurtcu, Chief Technology Officer at Precisely, to give us her thoughts on social mobility and the role that tech businesses can play in driving more a diverse workforce.

The skills challenges facing the data industry & how to tackle them

with Taylor McGrath, VP of Data Labs, Rivery

In this episode, Taylor McGrath, VP of Data Labs at Rivery, gives us an insight into the data industry, the opportunities and challenges it’s facing, and expected trends for 2023.

Diversity in space: How we can ensure equality within future space settlements

with Jesse Shanahan, CTO, Another Round

We speak to Jesse Shanahan is Chief Technology Officer at Another Round,  Astrophysicist and Disability Activist, to examine exactly what human settlements in space will look like, how we can achieve equality in space, and what more the space industry can do to increase representation.

Tackling the gender gap in tech

with Cory Munchbach, Chief Operating Officer, BlueConic

As  Chief Operating Officer at Customer Data Platform, BlueConic, and during her time as a former Forrester analyst, Cory Munchbach has met many talent women working in tech. Here, she challenges the existence of the gender gap in tech and talks about how to close the gap for good.

Cracking the glass ceiling: Being a female leader in technology

with Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer, SS&C Blue Prism

how do we get more women into the industry? How do we encourage those already here into leadership positions? And what is it like to be a female leader in tech? In this episode, we pose these questions to one such female leader in tech – Linda is Chief Partner Strategy Officer at SS&C Blue Prism.



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