Meet SheCanCode’s US partners

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SheCanCode collaborates with prominent US companies, including Automattic, Bumble, Kobalt Music, LineUp, Meta, R3, Regrow, Sendwave, Velocity Global, Vista, and Zebra Technologies, to amplify diversity within tech teams. From software engineers to product managers, the platform highlights inspiring stories of women thriving in tech, sharing insights on career transitions, product design, and the burgeoning Metaverse.

At SheCanCode we partner with a number of global companies. Here are just some of our amazing US partners working to increase diversity within their tech teams.


Anna Holland-Smith, Automattic: “Surround yourself with people working towards the same goal.”

We recently caught up with Anna Holland-Smith, Former criminal defence lawyer turned Developer. Here she shares that you can transition into tech at any stage of your life and career.


Bumble Tech Academy: Meet the programme’s first ever graduates

We recently spoke with Bumble about its tech academy. Here’s everything you need to know.

Kobalt Music

Hitting the right note: Meet Daria Gassanova, Product Manager at Kobalt Music

Daria Gassanova shares how she recently moved from Ukraine, due to the war, and became a product manager at Kobalt Music.


Perks you only know about if you work at LineUp

We spoke with Rob Hesmondhalgh, Chief Information Officer, at Lineup about the perks that only the company’s employees know about.


SheCanCode Event: What is the Metaverse? Meta Explains it all

SheCanCode recently spoke with Claire Mulhern, Director Of Creative Shop, At Meta who shared how you’ll be able to connect, work, play, learn and shop in the Metaverse.


“Knowledge sharing is a great part of the job” says Katarzyna Streich, Senior Software Engineer at R3

SheCanCode met with Katarzna to find out what life is really like working for a company in the blockchain space.


Key UX & UI Design principles from Regrow

Katy Wellington, Product & Marketing Designer at Regrow shares some best practice for product and website design, design principles and valuable design skills.


Employee Spotlight: Mary Beth Burch, Software Engineer at Sendwave

Mary Beth Burch is a Software Engineer at Sendwave. We caught up with her about her career so far and life at the money transfer service.

Velocity Global

How to start a career in Product: Liz Li, Chief Product Officer at Velocity Global

Have you ever wanted to start a career in product, but wondered what exactly it involved? SheCanCode recently caught up with Liz Li, Chief Product Officer At Velocity to hear about her career so far.


Spotlight Series: Meet Bianca Avram, Product Manager at Vista

SheCanCode spoke with Bianca Avram, Product Manager, at Vista about her career and life at the company.

Zebra Technologies

Transitioning into UX: A quickfire Q&A with Zebra Technologies’ Ellen Thomas

Ellen Thomas retrained herself, in her own time, to transition into UX Design from a different field of design altogether. Here she shares her story.



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