Top Spilling The T podcast episodes for US women in tech

US episodes of Spilling the T podcast


SheCanCode's podcast, 'Spilling the T,' takes a global look at top episodes for US women in tech. The series offers insights from female tech voices, exploring coding, AI, entrepreneurship, career shifts, diversity in space, and more. The 'Around the World' feature spotlights countries, with the current focus on the US, sharing resources, role models, and career guides.

As part of our ‘Around the World’ series, we’re taking a look at the top episodes of Spilling the T for women in tech in the US.

SheCanCode’s ‘Spilling the T’ podcast offers conversations with top female voices in the tech sector across the globe, as we plunge into the latest topics that have captured our imagination recently.

Learn about a range of tech disciplines and how to establish a career in them – from coding, AI, cyber, starting a business, career transitions and even diversity in space, we lay it out bare and Spill the T on everything you need to know.

Our ‘Around the World’ series will spotlight countries and continents and highlight specific resources and helpful articles for that region. This week, we’re focusing on the US and across seven days, we’ll share everything from top women’s networks, events, female role models and career guides.

Discover our top Spilling the T podcast episode for US women in tech below. Share your favourite episodes with us on social media – we’d love to hear from you!

Career Advice Episodes

Our podcast is full of helpful tips and advice for both getting into the industry and getting ahead.

From skills needed, to interview tips, to building confidence, to specific industry advice like Fintech, Gaming and Blockchain – you’ll find our podcast has it all.

Below is just a selection of the kind of career advice you can tap into over at Spilling the T.

Personal Brand

Simply put, personal branding is how you promote yourself. Your personal brand will showcase your strengths, highlight what you are good at and help create a positive perception of yourself.

By honing your own personal brand, you are able to control the narrative about yourself. You are putting your best foot forward and it could help you stand out from the crowd.

Listen to the below podcasts to delve into just two aspects of personal branding.

Getting more women into tech

As of 2023, women only hold 26.7% of tech-related jobs in the US – so there is clearly work still to be done!

We’ve had some incredible speakers on the podcast to talk about the importance of getting more women into the industry, how to retain this fantastic female talent and what more businesses can do foster an inclusive culture.

Diversity and inclusion

According to a 2020 report from McKinsey, diverse teams perform better, hire better talent, have more engaged members, and retain workers better than those that do not focus on diversity and inclusion.

So why is there still a diversity issue within the tech sector? And what can and should companies be doing about it?

Below are just some of our podcast episodes trying to answer these questions and more.


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Our ‘Around the World’ series will spotlight countries and continents and highlight specific resources and helpful articles for that region.
Women's representation in the US tech industry is still just 26.7%, highlighting the need for visible role models. SheCanCode is shining a spotlight on extraordinary...
SheCanCode's podcast, "Spilling the T," shares stories from leading female figures in tech from the USA and Canada, discussing their unique challenges. Engaging with a...