Seeking a new challenge? Join us to discover how moving to a tech startup could turbo-charge your career

Moving from an established tech company to a startup - SheCanCode event


Moving to a tech startup can turbo-charge your career. Startups are fast-paced and can offer many rewards.

But life is very different inside a startup compared to an established company, so what should you expect?

Hear from those who have made the leap into a startup, as they share stories about the high-energy excitement of a small tech company and the realities of when things go wrong.

In this 40-minute session, hosted by SheCanCode, representatives from Regrow and Squirro reveal the skillsets that startups look for, why such a move could be rocket-fuel for your career and how you’ll be handed the chance to make a real impact.

Meet our speakers

Luisa Goytia

Luisa Goytia | Senior Product Manager, Regrow

Luisa is Senior Product Manager at Regrow. Regrow powers the business of sustainable agriculture. Their mission is to make resilient agriculture ubiquitous through an ecosystem market MRV platform. They believe people, science, and technology can help agriculture reverse climate change.

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Lauren Hawker Zafer | Head of Training & Education, Squirro

Lauren Hawker Zafer is a dedicated Learning Executive with several years of professional experience in adult learning and assessment, instructional design, content development, digitalization and the emerging tech ecosystem. She currently leads the learning and training division in a Visionary AI start-up that focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing solutions for global financial institutions and public sector organizations.  

Lauren has created a variety of learning and development offerings for adults and executives incorporating innovative learning technologies for the classroom, virtual and blended learning ecosystems.

As well as being a dedicated learning executive, Lauren is passionate about educating and about using education as a tool to empower individuals; especially those who are thriving in technical ecosystems. In connection to this devotion, Lauren initiated and hosts the Squirro Academy podcast: Redefining AI.

Redefining AI – Artificial Intelligence with Squirro focuses on educating its listeners about core focal topics and technologies that are intertwined with data and its usage. The show is about providing listeners with an opportunity to align and realign their own understanding and expectations of data/emerging tech: how they are used & what is important to consider when using them and working in the field.

Lauren speaks several languages, is an avid moderator, corpus linguist and frequent panel speaker at learning and development fairs.

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