Careers in tech: How to become a Solutions Architect

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Want to start your career as a Solutions Architect? Not sure what it takes or where to begin? We've put together this handy guide to help

In this series, SheCanCode takes a look at what qualifications and skills are needed for roles across the tech industry. We will also look at earning potential and the prospect of career growth as a software engineer, as well as pointing you in the right direction of companies and open job roles.

What is a Solutions Architect?

A Solutions Architect is responsible for assessing an organisation’s needs and determining how IT can support those needs. They design, describe and manage the solution engineering to match it with a specific business problem.


Like the other roles we have explored in this series, there is no set path to becoming a Solutions Architect. A undergraduates degree is a good place to start, with many Solutions Architects holding a degree in IT or Computer Science. A degree in mathematics could also stand you in good stead for this role.

Industry experience is also crucial for a role as SA. Four or five years’ experience working in roles such as network administrator or software developer would help your CV stand out to potential employers.  

You may also be able to find an apprenticeship centred around Solutions Architecture.


Technically, a SA will have a good programming knowledge, mathematical knowledge, networking administration and analytical skills.

Strong soft skills will also help you shine – good communication and management skills, being able to use your initiative, being creative, adaptability and being a problem solver are all important aspects to a good SA.

Earning potential and career growth

The average base salary in the UK is around £70,000 per annum. This can vary from company to company and depend on the level of experience. Entry-level roles typically start at around £37,000 to £60,000, while more experienced opportunities can reach £90,000 and more.

You could move from your role as a SA to more senior roles such as Senior, Lead or Enterprise Architect.

Ready to become a Solutions Architect? Discover roles at companies who value diversity:

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