Launching Spilling The T’s 10th season: Talking female leadership with Workiva

SheCanCode's Spilling The T podcast episode with Workiva


SheCanCode are excited to launch their tenth season of our Spilling The T podcast! To launch this incredible season, we sat down with two fabulous ladies from Workiva - Francesca Van Oss & Rebecca Wallace.

The latest episode of our podcast offers an illuminating exploration of the unconventional routes to success in the tech industry, particularly for women who have faced and overcome the infamous glass ceiling.

Our guests, Rebecca Wallace, Senior Director, Customer Success & Support; and Francesca Van Oss, Senior Director of EMEA Partnerships & Alliances, from Workiva, share their inspiring stories of climbing the corporate ladder in a field where a technical background is not always the norm. Their journey serves as a powerful reminder of the boundless opportunities that lie within the tech sector, particularly for those willing to step out of their comfort zones and embrace personal growth.

Leadership in the tech industry presents a unique set of challenges and rewards. The episode delves into the nuances of creating and leading a partnerships team, shedding light on the intricate dance of navigating female leadership roles within a male-dominated space. Our guests open up about the stereotypes that accompany women in tech and the ways in which they’ve built confidence, leveraged individual strengths, and crafted dynamic teams. Personal anecdotes serve as real-world examples of how women in leadership positions can overcome adversity and break down barriers, ultimately reinforcing the value that diversity brings to the tech landscape.


The conversation further examines the fundamental role that mentorship, inclusivity, and support systems play in empowering women in the workplace. SheCanCode discusses the transformative power of mentorship, the impact of inclusive language, and the importance of returnship programs in facilitating a more diverse and supportive tech environment.

This podcast episode is not just a narrative of individual achievements; it is a clarion call to all aspiring women leaders in tech to recognize and seize the infinite possibilities before them. By listening to the stories of Rebecca and Francesca, you can gather the inspiration and guidance necessary to navigate their own unique pathways to leadership, reminding us all that the journey to the top can begin from anywhere.




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