Breaking barriers: Male allies in leadership

Male Allies Podcast


In this empowering episode, we dive into the critical role of male allies in the realm of leadership. Join us as we explore the stories of influential men who are actively championing gender equality, fostering diverse workplaces, and reshaping the narrative of traditional leadership.

Unlock the keys to fostering an inclusive tech culture as Ollie and Joe Dan from Workiva join us on this special episode of Spilling the Tea.

Discover how these dynamic leaders transitioned from diverse backgrounds to thriving careers in tech, and how their experiences have shaped their commitment to empowering underrepresented communities. Ollie’s journey from Brighton to tech sales and Joe Dan’s path from geographic information systems to leadership roles offer rich insights into creating a workplace where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

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This episode dives deep into actionable strategies for male allies looking to make an impactful difference. From recognizing and addressing unconscious biases to ensuring fair hiring practices, we discuss vital steps that lead to a more equitable work environment. Learn how the concept of “cultural add” over “cultural fit” can transform your organization’s culture, and why Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) are instrumental in supporting diversity. Real stories and practical advice underscore the necessity of male participation in fostering inclusive environments.

Navigating the complexities of parental leave and support is another crucial topic covered, highlighting the need for organizational policies that align with employee needs. We explore building trust, addressing motivators like pay and career growth, and creating safe spaces for open dialogue. Oliver and Joe share their experiences and strategies, showcasing the importance of leadership in setting positive examples. Tune in to gain valuable insights on promoting accountability, leveraging networks, and supporting gender equality in the tech industry.


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