Top tips for women in leadership: Insights from one woman’s journey

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Sabina Molka, Director of People Engagement & Development at DocuWare, shares her insights on navigating the path to leadership for women.

Sabina shares her personal journey, offering valuable perspectives and practical tips for aspiring female leaders.

We delve into her wealth of experience and uncover the keys to success in reaching leadership roles.

With well over a decade of experience, I guess I do have a considerable amount of insight from the corporate business world to draw upon…

And so, I’m eager to share with women at all checkpoints of their own career journeys, my five top tips for navigating the complexities of leadership with confidence and resilience. Let’s begin!

Believe in yourself & the skills you have to offer

Every success and failure is a stepping stone to growth and improvement. Every experience is an opportunity for learning and skill refinement. It’s essential to take control of your career trajectory – at the end of the day, you are the one in the driving seat! Always be open to new challenges and opportunities, as they often lead to personal and professional growth.

Cultivate a ‘growth mindset’

This to me is so crucial, particularly coming from a technology background like I do and doing a degree in Business Psychology. By adopting a growth mindset that thrives on challenges and views setbacks as opportunities, you can see failures as valuable learning experiences and use them to improve your skills and capabilities to move your career forward. Don’t forget to continually seek out opportunities for continuous learning and development and stay up to date on industry trends and advancements.

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Build a supportive network

Fostering a supportive network of mentors and trusted peers is instrumental in any woman’s leadership journey. I have always been lucky enough to surround myself with such individuals who have navigated similar career paths to me. Through doing this I have been provided invaluable insights and advice. My advice in turn? Actively seek out opportunities to mentor and support other women in leadership roles, paying it forward by sharing your experiences and expertise.

Lead with authenticity

Embrace your unique strengths and leadership style, and lead with authenticity! Authentic leadership promotes trust within a business and inspires others in turn to follow your lead. Stay true to your values and principles, even in the face of adversity. I’ve seen first-hand that integrity and authenticity are key pillars of effective, long-term leadership.

Find your “place”

Finally, but also most importantly, choose a company that aligns with your own values, where your passions are nurtured, and your contributions are recognised. Look for an environment that fosters growth because that is where you can have a meaningful impact. That’s what I have at DocuWare.

By following my top tips, I hope to inspire women to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that come their way. Believe in your own abilities, cultivate a growth mindset, build a supportive network, lead with authenticity and find your happy place to unlock your full potential and thrive.

With dedication and perseverance, we can all chart our own course toward success, and importantly, let’s not forget to always uplift and inspire one another on this journey of leadership and growth!


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