Breaking barriers: A woman in tech’s journey towards inclusion and empowerment at Shell

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In this episode of Spilling the T, we sit down with Aparajita Pant, Capability Centre Lead- Software Eng & Test at Shell, to shed some light on her own career journey, as a woman in tech - the strides she has taken and the challenges faced.

The realm of technology is often portrayed as a labyrinth of codes and algorithms, dominated by a male-centric narrative.

However, stories like that of Aparajita Pant, a tech leader at Shell, offer a different perspective—one that interweaves gender, culture, and career into a narrative that is as inspiring as it is instructive. Her journey from the world of petroleum engineering and an MBA in oil and gas to ascending the ranks of a predominantly male tech industry is not just about professional transitions but also about breaking societal molds and navigating gender representation in tech.

Aparajita’s story begins in the bustling tech hubs of India, a nation that has defied global trends with a relatively higher representation of women in STEM fields. Contrasting this with her experiences upon relocating to London, Aparajita’s career arc brings to light the cultural variances in gender dynamics within the tech industry. As she candidly shares her journey, it becomes clear that while her professional path was influenced by serendipity, it was also meticulously carved out through perseverance and strategic networking.



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