What’s it like working at Foundry?

Foundry Spilling The T podcast


Subin Jeong and Gabriela Almeida join us on Spilling the T to share how their unique paths that led them to Foundry.

Hailing from diverse backgrounds in politics, economics, and computer engineering, Subin and Gabi found their true calling in the tech realm at Foundry, a company that prides itself on fostering innovation and personal growth.

Subin’s journey into the tech industry is anything but conventional. With a foundation in politics and economics, her path to becoming a technical director and eventually a software developer was paved by her enthusiasm for gaming and technology. Her transition to a technical role at Foundry highlights the company’s commitment to recognising potential and nurturing talent from varied disciplines.

On the other hand, Gabby’s transition from banking to the thrilling world of visual effects during the pandemic exemplifies a strategic pivot aligning her career with her passions. With a background in computer engineering, she was equipped with a solid foundation in software development. However, it was her master’s degree in computer animation and visual effects that catapulted her into a role that marries her technical skills with her creative interests.

The stories of Subin and Gabby also shed light on the unique and collaborative culture at Foundry. This tech company stands out for its dynamic approach to onboarding and integrating new hires. It’s a culture that encourages employees to learn, grow, and contribute from the outset, replacing the rigidity of traditional tech roles with an environment that is ripe for innovation.


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