Breaking the Silicon Ceiling: Entering leadership roles with Wise

Wise Spilling the T Podcast


Our latest podcast episode, featuring Christie Davis and Julie Roff, is a testament to the indomitable spirit of women trailblazing through the tech industry. Christie, an ex-athlete turned tech maven, and Julie, a Silicon Valley veteran, share their insightful journeys that underscore the diverse pathways to success in the technological sphere.

Wise‘s Christie and Julie begin their discussion with an emphasis on the value of broad technical knowledge and the crucial confidence required to lead effectively.

Christie’s natural propensity for people and product skills, combined with her love for teamwork, were instrumental in her decision to pursue a leadership position. Julie resonates with the joy of enabling team members to reach their potential, underscoring the distinct skill set necessary for effective people management.

As the conversation delves into the challenges unique to women in tech, it’s evident that the road to leadership is fraught with obstacles. Both Christie and Julie have confronted the pervasive issue of establishing credibility in a male-dominated field. They share anecdotes of combating imposter syndrome and stress the importance of authenticity in leadership. An essential part of their narrative is the acknowledgment of gendered feedback and the struggle to be seen as assertive rather than aggressive—a nuance that often skews against women in the workplace.

This episode is not just a collection of success stories; it’s a guidebook for the aspiring woman leader in tech. It’s packed with actionable insights and heartfelt advice from women who have walked the path and are now paving the way for others. Their message is clear: leadership in tech is within reach for women, and with the right support, mentorship, and environment, they too can forge their paths to success.


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