Biggest learnings en route to leadership with Manulife

Manulife Spilling the T Podcast


Join us on a journey through the transformative moments that pave the way to leadership greatness. From navigating challenges to embracing opportunities, Mahnaz Tavousi. VP, of Architecture & Engineering Services, at Manulife and Mamta Sethi, CIO, Group Functions Technology at Manulife share their most significant learnings en route to leadership.

Embarking on the leadership journey within the technology industry often presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

This Spilling The T episode featuring Kayleigh Bateman and her guests, Mahnaz and Mamta from Manulife, sheds light on the intricate dance of resilience and growth that defines the path to success in the tech realm. Through candid conversations, they unravel the nuanced experiences that contribute to becoming effective leaders in a sector characterized by rapid evolution and innovation.

The episode delves into the transformative power of career changes and the pivotal moments that shape a leader’s trajectory. For instance, Mamta’s daring leap from a finance background into a CIO role demonstrates the value of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Her story exemplifies the unforeseen routes that can lead to leadership positions and highlights the importance of continuous learning and adapting to new challenges. The discussion also touches on the significant impact that small yet critical nudges can have on professional growth, illustrating that career progression is often influenced by a series of subtle decisions and actions.

Early career development is another focal point of the conversation. The guests reflect on their formative experiences, emphasizing how they forged their paths to effective leadership. The demanding environment of consulting, where coping with pressure and harsh feedback is the norm, builds resilience that becomes integral to a leader’s skill set. Balancing strong leadership with a nurturing approach, learning from both positive and negative examples, and the critical decision to pursue roles as either people leaders or individual contributors are all dissected in this segment. The role of mentorship and the profound influence leaders can have in shaping the careers of others, akin to the impact a teacher has on students, are underscored as vital components of leadership development.

Navigating the challenges inherent in leadership and professional growth requires a keen understanding of communication, adaptability, and the art of cultivating relationships. The guests share their insights on how to effectively communicate with diverse teams, nurture potential leaders by encouraging them to embrace growth opportunities, and the importance of work-life balance for overall well-being and performance. They also discuss strategies for managing setbacks, the learning opportunities embedded within failures, and the critical skills needed for effective time management and prioritization. These discussions provide a window into the reality of tech leadership and the resilience required to thrive in such a dynamic field.

Lastly, the balance between confidence and humility in leadership roles is a key theme. The episode features personal anecdotes and the wisdom passed down from leaders who have mastered the art of relating to individuals while maintaining authority. Company culture and its influence on this balance are also considered, emphasizing the need for environments that support a healthy interplay of confidence and humility.


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