What does a seat at the table look like at Outrider?

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Join us on this inspiring episode with Outrider as we uncover the importance of carving your path in the tech world, and witness how empowering female voices can reshape the technology landscape into one that is rich in diversity, innovation, and opportunity for all.

The latest episode of our podcast takes us on an enlightening journey into the heart of the tech industry, as seen through the eyes of women who are not just part of it but are actively shaping its future.

Our guests, Londonne and Ramya from Outrider, open up about their personal career paths, their experiences, and the invaluable role of mentorship and networking in their professional lives.

Ramya’s narrative begins with her transition from academia in aerospace engineering to the dynamic world of technology. Her story is a powerful testament to the exciting and multifaceted nature of tech careers, countering the misconception that STEM fields are monotonous. The discussion provides an eye-opening perspective on how diversity of thought and cross-disciplinary collaboration at Outrider not only enriches their professional environment but also fuels innovation and progress.

The conversation takes a turn as we delve into the grittier aspects of tech, addressing the professional hurdles women often encounter. Our guests share effective strategies to ensure women’s voices are heard in professional settings, including reclaiming interrupted conversations and securing due credit for their ideas.


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