Navigating your career: A compass for success, not just a clock

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Osnat Yanushevsky Yacoby shares her tips for honing your leadership skills and achieving your personal and professional goals in the fintech industry


Osnat Yacoby

With over two decades of experience managing complex operations across various countries, including the US, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, and Israel, she has had the privilege of exploring diverse industries like banking, fintech, and retail technology.

My career journey took an interesting turn when I began my professional life at Thomson Reuters in 1997. Combining my passion for finance with the opportunity to work in a technology-driven environment, I discovered my love for fintech. This laid the foundation for my current role at Earnix, where I oversee all operations, requiring both strategic thinking and a keen eye for detail.

Innovation demands smart and agile responses to market dynamics. To meet internal and external expectations, collaboration with colleagues is essential to ensure smooth product and service deliveries, while continuously monitoring emerging trends and technologies in the industry.

As a firm believer in the power of planning, I have actively charted my career trajectory. Taking inspiration from a study by Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California, which highlights the effectiveness of goal setting, I firmly believe that writing down your aspirations significantly increases the chances of achieving them.

While I have encountered challenges, especially in fintech operations where attention to detail is paramount, I have learned to strike a balance between strategy and tactics. Enhancing my presenting skills allowed me to demonstrate how both elements play a crucial role in decision-making and leadership.

Throughout my journey, having a mentor has been instrumental in my success. Candid feedback and guidance from a senior executive in the finance arena have helped me gain a broader perspective and continuously improve my leadership style.

I take pride in being an “impact addict” and have excelled in running multi-million-dollar operations worldwide. Feedback from my team and managers has been invaluable, propelling me to acquire new skills and take on greater responsibilities.

At the heart of my accomplishments lies my personal support system and willingness to accept help. Balancing a fulfilling professional life with family responsibilities has been achievable through the unwavering support of my loved ones.

Looking ahead, my aspiration is to devote more time to volunteering and community involvement. In the past, I had the privilege of serving on the Board for the American School of New Delhi in India, and I aim to continue giving back and making a positive impact.

In summary, planning, strategising, and maintaining a strong support system have been crucial elements in my career success. Embracing a compass-like approach has guided me through both professional and personal challenges, and I am eager to continue this journey of growth and giving back to the community where I can.


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