How to maximise success when starting a new role

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Alaa Hatata recently joined Sandsoft Games as a Game Programmer and once again found herself as the newest person on the team. Here she shares with us some of the lessons she's learnt to maximise success when starting a new role.

Alaa Hatata is a Game Programmer at Sandsoft Games.

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Alaa currently works on in-house game projects at Sandsoft, and has nearly 9 years of game-making experience at companies such as CGEVO Limitless Innovation, 5DVR and UMX Studio. Alaa specialises in C# but speaks a variety of coding languages. A graduate in computer engineering, she has used her experience to guide students and speak at events such as Arabic Games. Her passion for a career in game development was ignited in 2014, after first viewing the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

From creating VR experiences to coding mobile games, Alaa has been in the games industry for nearly ten years. She recently joined Sandsoft Games as a Game Programmer and once again found herself as the newest person on the team. Throughout Alaa’s career, she’s learnt a few tips about making the most of your time when starting a new role.

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Be ready to learn

Whether it be logging on to your first video call, or quite literally walking into the office, there’s a lot to learn when stepping into a new role – and that’s perfectly alright! As you get started, you’ll learn about the various working techniques and tech pipeline being used. In the past, I’ve found it hugely valuable to get hands-on with as much as possible during the onboarding process and listen closely to everyone. Whilst your role may focus on technical aspects, gaining a general understanding of various stages of the product can help you understand how your work will contribute to the full project. At Sandsoft, we work in small teams of ‘tribes’ which provide the opportunity to work across various areas of development like game design, ideation and prototyping, which involves employees in the whole process from conception to completion.

Network (inside and out)

Networking can be a great way to learn more about the company. When we think of networking, meeting new people and businesses outside the office first comes to mind but it can be equally rewarding to network internally when starting a new role. You’ll naturally get to know close colleagues and your managers on a daily basis, but it’s also important to meet other people outside your direct team. A lunch-time video call with a colleague outside your specific function can be a great way to meet others; and, as mentioned above, learn more about what else is happening inside your business.

Let Actions Speak Louder

Another time-saving tip is to let your actions speak for themselves. Take initiative, tackle challenges head-on, and proactively solve problems. This showcases your skills and demonstrates how you can be a valuable asset to the team.

Quality Over Quantity:

While starting a new role, it’s important to manage your time effectively. One strategy I’ve found helpful is to prioritise quality over quantity. Focus on delivering high-calibre work that meets or exceeds expectations. This not only makes a strong impression but also helps you build trust with your colleagues.

Ultimately, the best piece of advice when starting a new role is to remember you were hired for a reason! Be confident in yourself and your experience; it wasn’t a mistake that you were chosen. After you’ve encountered the systems being used, don’t be afraid to gently suggest alternative ways of working, and draw into your previous experience. Remember that your employer wants to see you succeed, so immerse yourself in all that’s happening within the company, and you’ll quickly find your place.




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