Zero to Hero: Coding for All

November 15, 2023
, 10:00 am
- 1:00 pm

Join us for an interactive and fun session setting you on a new career journey and introducing you to our teacher-less, collaborative learning approach.

Immerse yourself in coding and in just a few hours you’ll leave with new skills and an appetite for the 01 Founders approach. No prior coding experience required!

Up for the challenge?

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We are located in the heart of London - a 5 min walk from Regent’s Park, Euston, Warren Street, Great Portland Street and a 15 min walk from Kings Cross, Oxford Circus and Camden.

You will also have the opportunity to meet our current coders and have a tour of our campus.

About 01 Founders

01 Founders unlock curious minds to bring their creativity into coding and help accelerate business transformation. By 2030, we aim to have trained over 100,000 diverse software developers using our innovative peer-to-peer learning model that is unique to the UK. Backed by serial entrepreneurs, leading tech companies and education activists, 01 Founders aims to improve diversity within the UK tech sector and bridge the UK’s digital skills gap. The course is without teachers and students work together to solve gamified projects at their own pace, whilst learning from their peers.


Our on-campus London school makes full-stack developers out of coding novices, and no academic experience is required to apply.