Checkatrade unveils engineering growth framework to guide professional development

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Discover how the Checkatrade EGF is reshaping the future of engineering talent and empowering individuals to innovate, excel and lead.

In a move aimed at fostering employee growth and setting clear expectations, Checkatrade, a leading digital marketplace that connects trades and homeowners alike, has launched its first  Engineering Growth Framework (EGF).

The Checktrade EGF is designed to outline job expectations for different levels within the company’s engineering department, emphasizing competencies and behaviours crucial for success at each level.

It is a comprehensive framework that provides a roadmap for professional development within Checkatrade’s engineering teams. It defines the expected competencies (what) and behaviours (how) at each approved job level, offering a transparent and structured approach to career progression.

At the core of the Checkatrade EGF is a description of the characteristics, impact, and skills that reflect the expectations for engineers at each level. It is important to note that the framework is not a rigid checklist but rather a dynamic guide that recognizes the individuality and unique strengths of each engineer.

The levels within the EGF are additive, meaning that promotion from one level to the next requires clear evidence of competence and behaviour at both the current and next levels. This approach ensures that promotions are based on a comprehensive understanding of an engineer’s capabilities and readiness for increased responsibilities.

The Checkatrade EGF is closely tied to the promotion process, as it serves as the criteria against which promotions are evaluated.

 This connection between the framework and promotion reinforces our commitment to a merit-based system, where employees advance based on demonstrated skills and behaviours.

The company has made a deliberate effort to allow flexibility within the framework, acknowledging that not all engineers follow the same path. Checkatrade recognizes and celebrates the diversity of its engineering talent, understanding that each individual brings unique strengths to the table.

The Checkatrade EGF is not intended to stifle individuality but rather to provide a structured guide while allowing for the exploration of diverse skills and experiences. The framework seeks to balance the celebration of individual strengths with the need for fairness and clarity in expectations.

Checkatrade is committed to helping every engineer visualize their professional journey within the organization. 

The company acknowledges that each engineer’s journey is unique and aims to create an environment that fosters personal growth while maintaining consistency in core expectations.

“Our Engineering Growth Framework is more than a mere description of Engineering roles at Checkatrade.  It provides our engineers with a practical compass for personal growth guiding them to foster innovation, promote excellence, and demonstrate leadership.  With this framework, we are not just building products, we are also empowering engineers to build their future with us.”

With the launch of the Engineering Growth Framework, Checkatrade has taken a significant step towards enhancing employee development and creating a workplace culture that values both individuality and shared expectations. The Checkatrade EGF is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of engineering talent at Checkatrade.


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