Careers in tech: How to become a Full Stack Engineer

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Thinking about becoming a Full Stack Engineer? Not sure what it takes or where to start? We've pulled together this guide to get you started!

In this series, SheCanCode takes a look at what qualifications and skills are needed for roles across the tech industry. We will also look at earning potential and the prospect of career growth as a Full Stack Engineer, as well as pointing you in the right direction of companies and open job roles.

What is a Full Stack Engineer?

A Full Stack Engineer is a high-level software engineer, with expertise in web, application and software development.

They build and manage both the front- and the back-end of systems; and they take responsibility for the entire experience.

In the role, you’ll have a high level of knowledge across multiple coding languages such as HTML, Javascript and CSS; experience in UI/UK design; and understand machine learning; amongst other skills.  


Due to the nature of the data and information that they are responsible for, engineers are incredibly intelligent and usually university educated. Typically, a degree in computer science or computer engineering is a great path to take.

However, those with a degree in a different specialty, and even those without a degree, can gain the necessary skills to become an Engineer. There are number of online courses centered around Engineering/Web Development to enhance your skills.

Below are just a few certificates available:

Web Development Bootcamp with Le Wagon

Full Stack Engineer with Codecademy

Ultimate Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp with Udemy

Coding courses are also a good place to start, and many organisations offer free training. You can find a selection of our top 10 coding courses here.  


To pursue a career in Full Stack, you will need a good knowledge in front-end coding such as HTML, CSS and Javascript; and back-end languages such as NodeJS, Python, Django, C++.

Design skills and a knowledge of web architecture will also help.

With regards to soft skills, you will need a good eye for detail, be able to solve problems as they arise and be able to communicate effectively.

Earning potential and career growth

The average base salary in the UK is around £50,000.

In terms of growth, you can progress to a position as a Senior Engineer and then a Lead Full Stack Engineer.

Ready to start your career journey? Discover roles at companies who value diversity:

Full Stack Engineer roles on the SheCanCode job board.




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