Why mentoring is so important for women in tech

Male manager mentoring a female employee working at her desk on a laptop


In the face of lingering barriers and continued under-representation, Toma Valciukaite, Senior Technical SEO Consultant at Digital Ethos, explores the value mentoring can have for women in the tech sector.

Diversity and inclusion have grown to be more than buzzwords in the ever-changing world of technology; they are vital for promoting development and innovation.


Yet women are still underrepresented in the tech sector despite tremendous improvement, facing barriers to progression and representation.

This discrepancy shows how mentoring empowers and assists women in the tech industry. This is the importance mentorship can have.

Gender Gap

Women frequently face obstacles in the tech sector, which has historically been dominated by men. From lack of representation in leadership positions and unbalanced promotion chances, women in tech can face barriers to progression or lack of opportunities.   

By providing guidance, encouragement, and advocacy, mentoring can serve as a bridge to successfully negotiate these obstacles. Mentors can enhance mentees’ confidence and skill set by helping them fully understand the tech industry.

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Mentors offer invaluable knowledge into their development of careers, assisting women in establishing reasonable objectives and plans for the future. This guidance is essential in a field where women can be overlooked for promotions or challenging projects. To help their mentees progress in their profession, a mentor might act as a voice for them, supporting their potential and career development.

Networking Opportunities

Professional success includes networking. Women working in tech can profit immensely from the large networks of experienced mentors. These relationships may lead to new projects, chances for cooperation, and insights into developments and trends in the sector. Mentors can connect mentees with successful individuals, which can help them advance in their careers.

Skill Enhancement

The tech industry is dynamic, undergoing constant growth and change. Women may learn from mentors who can keep them updated on the newest methods, technology, and best practices. This knowledge can be gained through workshops, regular training, or private knowledge exchange. The focus on improving expertise makes sure that women in technology are kept competitive and relevant in their industry.

Confidence Building

A primary challenge facing women in technology is not feeling confident, which is sometimes caused by imposter syndrome or negative social perceptions. Mentors may be extremely helpful in fostering confidence by offering support, helpful criticism, and a secure environment for sharing ideas and problems.

Personal Development

Mentoring includes personal development in addition to professional development. A mentee can improve soft skills like leadership, problem-solving, and communication with the guidance of a mentor. These abilities are essential for both career success and personal success.

Empowerment and Inspiration

Seeing successful women in tech roles can be incredibly inspiring.  Mentors become positive role models, demonstrating that it is possible to succeed in the tech business while facing challenges. By sharing their knowledge, struggles, and triumphs, they give their mentees confidence and demonstrate that skill is not based on a person’s gender.


The importance of women being mentored in technology cannot be undervalued. It opens doors, encourages development, and dismantles barriers so that more women can excel in this industry.

A cycle of empowerment results from more women moving up the ranks and becoming mentors to the younger generation. The collective effort to mentor women in technology benefits not just the individuals who participated, but also the industry as a whole, resulting in technological developments that are more inclusive, inventive, and varied.

To sum up, mentorship is a successful method for reducing the gender gap in the tech sector. It provides an option for women to fully realise their potential, get through the challenges of this industry, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. By supporting mentorship, we help create a more unique, fair, and diverse future along with assisting women in the tech industry.


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