Top coding bootcamps in Europe: Getting started with web development

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To many people’s surprise, you don’t need a Computer Science degree to work in the tech sector. However, if you want to work in certain technical ROLES you may need to learn coding. If you’re considering a role in web development you will DEFINITELY need to think about learning how to code.

Online courses can be useful in helping you to decide if coding is for you, what languages you would like to learn and what direction to take your career next. 

When you know you are fully committed to becoming a developer, then it would be worth considering a coding bootcamp, which is an immersive, short-term programme designed to equip you with the skills needed to transition to a career in technology. 

Choosing the right bootcamp for you can be confusing, so we have listed our top coding bootcamps specifically for web development found across Europe. 

Le Wagon

Price: Varies on location. For example, a London-based, full-time web development course costs £6,500-£7,400

Locations: Based in 36 cities worldwide. 22 locations are based in Europe. 

Le Wagon offers web development as a full-time (nine weeks) and part-time (24 weeks) course. Their courses mainly focus on full-stack web development and data science

LeWagon boasts alumni of 16,000+ graduates, which will continue to grow as the bootcamp recently released its Web Development and Data Science courses in ‘Remote Bootcamp mode’, offered via live online lectures. 

Training includes Terminal basic commands, Git basic commands, HTML / CSS foundations, JavaScript foundations and Ruby. Financing options are available to support you with funding your new course. 


Price: €7,800

Locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and remote lessons online 

Spiced offers two twelve-week programmes: one on Web Development, the other on Data Science. Due to popular demand, Spiced also recently launched a nine-week Data Analytics programme too. All courses are onsite or remote, and financing options are available.  

Founders and Coders

Price: Free

Locations: London

This 12-week bootcamp offers training in web development tools and people skills. Web development includes training in the modern web stack (Javascript, Node.js, React). They also offer a part-time Skills Bootcamp that prepares students for a full-time, paid Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship with one of Founders and Coder’s London-based employment partners.

As a not-for-profit, the courses are free, so Founders and Coders are selective about their students. 


Price: Varies across campuses. For example, a web development course in Amsterdam will set you back €7,500.You will need to reserve your place on a campus, which in Europe will cost you about €750.

Locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris and several other locations worldwide

Ironhack’s Web Development course can be completed in nine weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time). This bootcamp offers training in Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS to become a Full-Stack Developer. Learning can be completed in person or online.

Ironhack offers scholarships for women and veterans.

Makers Academy

Price: £8,500 

Locations: London

 This 16-week bootcamp is highly selective of its students, with an in-depth application process to ensure only serious students are invited. Training is offered in-person or remotely. 

Makers Academy offers training in Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS and courses are available for start every month. They offer funding assistance or a fellowship as an interest-free loan for those who fit their criteria.

General Assembly

Price: £2,800

Locations: London

This 10-week front-end Web development course is a part-time course. General Assembly claims that more than 45% of their part-time students receive tuition reimbursement from their employers. They also offer an installment plan to help with tuition fees.

The web development training includes JavaScript, HTML and CSS and has global alumni of 80,000+ for you to connect with. 


There are plenty of coding bootcamps out there – it’s just finding the right one to suit you. This is just the beginning of your journey as you prepare to become a developer that is learning new programming languages all the time.


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