Thinking about a career in engineering? Join our taster session for International Women in Engineering Day

SheCanCode INWED Online Event


We’re celebrating International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) by hosting a taster session to showcase the opportunities in tech engineering to inspire and encourage aspiring engineers.

At SheCanCode we’re celebrating International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) by hosting a taster session to showcase the opportunities in tech engineering to inspire and encourage aspiring engineers.

This taster session aims to provide attendees with a broad understanding of what it takes to pursue a career in engineering and offer valuable insights into the tech industry.  If you’re an aspiring engineer, or already work in the sector, hear from professionals who have navigated their way through the field and gained success.

Remember to attend the session with an open mind, actively engage with the experts, and ask questions to make the most of this valuable learning opportunity.

Here’s an outline of what you might learn in our quick-fire, taster session.

Introduction from SheCanCode

Introduction to Engineering with Amy Rimmer, Senior Software Engineer; Laine Clark-Balzan, Senior Software Engineer (Machine Learning) and Marina Magnabosco, Technical Product Manager at Oxa: This session will offer you an overview of the field of tech engineering, including the various disciplines and areas of specialisation within the sector.

Training and Education with Sarah Adefehinti, Community Lead, Founders & Coders: Sarah will discuss the educational pathways and training options available for aspiring engineers. This will cover topics such as qualifications, certifications, and more.

What Employers are Looking For with Shelley Vaisey, Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Director, Oxa: You will learn about the essential skills and qualities that employers look for in tech engineers. This will include problem-solving abilities, creativity, teamwork, communication skills, adaptability, culture fit, and more.

What recruiters are looking for with Daisy Perryer, Staff Tech Recruiter, Wave Talent: Discover what recruiters look for in their screening process. What you should say and not say in a screening interview and red flags that recruiters look for when hiring for engineering roles.

Q&A and wrap-up

Quick Q&A and wrap-up from SheCanCode.

Meet our speakers


Shelley Vaisey, Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Director, OXA

A highly competent Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Leader with a solid talent acquisition and retention background. Emotionally intelligent with a passion for inclusion and belonging, excellent relationship management skills, the ability to thrive under pressure and as someone who is able to adapt and learn quickly, I am focused on building and driving a world-class Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Function having been promoted from my Talent Acquisition role.


Sarah Adefehinti, Community Lead, Founders & Coders

Sarah is the Community Lead for Founders and Coders, which provides software developer and machine learning apprentices to people from all backgrounds. Sarah’s role is to connect the community, get people from underrepresented backgrounds into tech and generally foster an environment of collaboration, lifelong learning and good vibes.

Daisy Perryer, Staff Tech Recruiter, Wave Talent


Amy Rimmer, Senior Software Engineer, Oxa

Amy has been at Oxa for nearly 2 years working in the Controls team and before that worked at Jaguar Land Rover for 7 years on autonomous vehicle research.  She has a PhD and masters degree in engineering but had little experience in C++ and python software development before moving to Oxa.  She lives in the midlands with her husband and 2 small children.


Laine Clark Balzan, Senior Software Engineer (Machine Learning), Oxa

A late arrival into the tech industry, Laine was originally trained in Physics and got her PhD in archaeological science.  She taught herself to code during her PhD, and used that knowledge to pivot into private industry via ML prototyping in autonomy. 

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