SheCanCode’s Top 5 Women in Tech Newsletters

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SheCanCode loves a tech newsletter, especially for women in the industry. We’ve pulled together our top 5 women in tech newsletters, to enhance your inbox with knowledge, events and networking opportunities.

We’ve been so pleased to watch many brilliant newsletters emerge over the last few years, focusing on brilliant women in the tech industry. Here’s 5 of our favourites. Get following, learning and networking!

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Offering a real diversity of content, 50intech “matches women in tech with their allies to achieve more inclusivity in tech”.

When you subscribe, you’ll get regular updates on:

  • Job openings
  • Companies hiring
  • Your matches
  • Events
  • Inspiration

Created by Caroline Ramade and Gaelle Le Goff, their goal is for a 50% representation of women in tech by 2050.

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Women of Wearables

Wow is a leading global organisation aiming to inspire, connect and support women and diverse founders and technologists in wearable tech, fashion tech, smart textiles, IoT, health tech and VR/AR.

This newsletter is jam-packed with content from their own initiatives -as well as loads of great stuff from all over the internet, including for example:

  • WoW monthly webinars & meetups
  • Content from their blog
  • Events & webinars from the community
  • Community & industry news
  • Specific content for groups, such as Female Founders

Women of Wearables is led by Marija Butkovic as Founder and Anja Streicher as Chief Marketing Officer.

Ada's List, Tech Newsletters

Ada’s List

“The place for professional women who work in and around the internet to connect, conspire, and take a stand” – Ada’s List was co-founded by Merici Vinton and Anjali Ramachandran.

This is a community which originated as an email list, which has since grown many different channels and functions. With this growth – a separate newsletter has emerged and grown quickly, including:

  • Reading material
  • Events
  • Opportunities & initiatives
  • Jobs
  • Information on partners & supporters
Elpha logo


Changing direction and approach slightly, Elpha is a private community where members come for personal and professional development. When inviting you to sign up, they describe themselves as somewhere women in tech talk candidly online.

The newsletter summarises and points you to:

  • Latest member discussions
  • Members only chats
  • Startups & VC
  • Career Growth
  • Engineering

A particular of both the newsletter and the community itself is the regular office hours, hosted by a broad range of very successful women in tech.

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Do you want to learn from incredible female founders, startup operators, and investors, stay on top of tech news, and maybe get your next job? Well that’s FemStreet’s elevator pitch.

Sarah Nöckel, an investor at Northzone – writes this weekly digest of timely, must-read posts by female investors and operators. So if you’re interested in tech startup, an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, this is a great choice.

The newsletter covers:

  • An editor’s letter of sorts
  • Investor insights
  • Founder & operator insights
  • Events
  • ICYMI from previous editions


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