Maven Unveils its Maven Minds: Women’s Programmes

Three women sitting around a wooden desk with open laptops working and laughing


Find out all about the Emerging Talent Programmes at Maven Securities.

With a decade-long track record of success, Maven Securities has established itself as a significant market participant by strategically allocating internal capital across discretionary, systematic, and market-making strategies.

Maven Securities believes in offering fair opportunities to everyone and has made extraordinary efforts to seek potential candidates from diverse establishments and backgrounds.

The Emerging Talent Programmes at Maven Securities are designed to provide early-stage opportunities for individuals to join the firm. The programmes aim to equip participants quickly with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career. Maven Securities offers a blend of dedicated classroom learning, online courses, and hands-on projects from day one.

One of the flagship programmes, “Maven Minds | Women in Trading & Technology Programme,” is a spring week initiative aimed at providing students with a firsthand overview of a career at Maven Securities. The programme offers a unique opportunity to understand the skills and knowledge required while allowing participants to network with Maven employees and immerse themselves in the firm’s friendly and rewarding culture. While the programme is specifically designed to encourage more women to join the underrepresented fields of Technology and Trading, it is open to all applicants. Interested candidates, particularly those in their first year of a three-year course or second year of a four-year course in any STEM background, are invited to apply here.

Maven Securities has partnered with Blackbullion to launch the Maven Minds: Scholarship Programme. This initiative aims to further support candidates applying for the 2024 Maven Minds Women’s Programme. Candidates applying for the Women’s Programme will automatically be considered for the scholarship. Blackbullion, known for its financial wellbeing platform and app, is dedicated to equipping students with lifelong money skills. The platform also houses the UK’s largest hub of support funds, scholarships, and grants for students. Maven Securities and Blackbullion share a commitment to ensuring success is determined by ability, irrespective of socio-economic background.

For those seeking more information about Maven Securities and its Emerging Talent Programmes, including how to apply, visit the Emerging Talent page or reach out via email at emergingtalent@mavensecurities.com.


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