How The CRUMBS Project is combatting digital exclusion

Janet Miller, The CRUMBS Project


Hear heartwarming stories of personal growth through digital training in our latest podcast episode. Join us in exploring The CRUMBS Project's impact on inclusivity and opportunity.

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, the digital divide continues to be a significant barrier for many.

The latest Spilling the T podcast episode featuring Janet Miller, a former hospitality worker turned tech champion, takes us on a journey of digital empowerment and inclusivity. Janet, from The CRUMBS Project, shares her personal story of transformation and the powerful influence of embracing change to impact lives within her community.

The discussion begins by delving into the stark reality of Britain’s digital skills gap. Shockingly, over five million people lack basic digital skills, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic when internet access became a lifeline. The CRUMBS Project, as highlighted in the episode, is on a mission to address this gap, providing training and support to build confidence and capability in the digital realm.

Janet’s insights reveal the heartwarming transformations that occur when individuals with disabilities are provided with digital tools. These tools act as bridges to confidence, community, and self-expression. The CRUMBS Project is celebrated for integrating technology into everyday activities, thus encouraging peer learning and social integration. From baking cakes to creating digital content, trainees are empowered to take on new roles and express themselves in ways they never thought possible.


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