Empowering women in tech: Strategies for career advancement and leadership

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Polly, Principal Product Manager at Axiologik, shares strategies for women in the industry. From finding passion and transferable skills to overcoming imposter syndrome through community support, seizing opportunities, setting goals, and choosing values-aligned companies, Polly empowers women to navigate diverse sectors and contribute to a more inclusive tech future.

Forging her way as a woman working in the technology sector, Polly is the principal product manager at Axiologik, with a strong aspiration for the company to become known for exemplary product management.

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Polly’s diverse background in service, product, and consultancy – particularly in the healthcare sector – equips her with a well-rounded perspective and an ability to walk in others’ shoes. She excels at navigating differing opinions and fostering alignment across different departments and stakeholders. Her passion for agility and driving positive change aligns with Axiologik’s mission to make a meaningful and progressive impact in society.

In 2023, she was highly commended as the Tech Rising Star of the Year at the Prolific North Tech Awards.  Before her current role, she had over a decade of experience working for an HR and payroll solutions company, where she progressed to roles such as account manager, product owner, and senior product manager. Connect with Polly on LinkedIn.

Embarking on a career in the tech industry, I have navigated my way through various sectors — from HR and payroll and retail finance to working with the NHS and HMRC.

The key to my success, I’ve found, lies in a combination of finding my passion, overcoming imposter syndrome, seizing every opportunity, setting ambitious goals, and aligning myself with companies that share my values. Here are the strategies that have empowered me, that I hope have a similar impact on other women in tech too.

Find your passion: Transferable skills open doors

In the tech world, it’s not just about technical skills. Soft skills – like teamwork and communication – are just as important for success. My journey from HR and payroll to various sectors taught me that problem-solving is a valuable skill that goes beyond a specific industry, and this is where my true passion lies. Identifying issues and delivering effective solutions became my forte, and this skill proved to be highly transferable.

Over the years, as I transitioned through different sectors, from retail and finance to the NHS, my passion and problem-solving skills became my constant companions in the successful delivery of products and services. Finding your passion and recognising the transferability of your skills is a powerful strategy for career advancement.

Overcoming imposter syndrome: Embrace the power of community

Imposter syndrome can be a formidable opponent, particularly for women in the tech industry. I’ve learned that acknowledging and talking about it with others is a powerful way to combat its effects. Investing in a supportive network, filled with individuals who can serve as cheerleaders during challenging times, is invaluable. Sharing experiences and realising that others have faced similar doubts can be a source of strength, helping women in tech push through self-doubt and achieve their full potential.

women in tech

Seize every opportunity: Break free from self-imposed limitations

Women often hold themselves back from applying for job prospects, fearing they may not meet every criterion listed. I’ve learned that taking every opportunity that comes my way, even if it feels slightly out of reach, is a crucial step toward career advancement. Confidence grows through experience, and by embracing challenges head-on, women in tech can break free from self-imposed limitations and showcase their capabilities.

Set goals and ambitions: Fuel for growth and confidence

Setting clear goals and ambitions provides a roadmap for career progression. It not only fuels motivation but also offers a sense of achievement when milestones are reached. Reflecting on personal growth over the years allows for self-assessment and builds confidence. Whether it’s acquiring new skills, taking on leadership roles, or making a positive impact within the organisation, having clear goals guides the journey toward success.

Fostering inclusivity and belonging: Choose a company aligned with your values

Working for a company that aligns with your ethos and values is essential for career satisfaction. As a working woman, especially one with family responsibilities, flexibility and understanding are crucial. Seek out employers that cultivate a culture of belonging and acceptance. A diverse workforce and leadership team that reflects representation ensures that everyone across the organisation feels equal and valued. This inclusivity not only creates a supportive environment but also contributes to a rich tapestry of ideas and perspectives.

Paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future in tech

By implementing these strategies, women can not only advance their careers but also contribute to a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. As I’ve experienced firsthand, a fulfilling career in technology is not just about technical prowess; it’s about embracing your passion, building a supportive network, and continuously striving for personal and professional growth.




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