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Data science is one of the most popular and useful tech fields right now. Many are considering it as a career choice and others have already started their learning journey. One of the things that can help you stand out and get the role you desire is having a successful online presence. This article will discuss why online presence is important and how to start branding yourself.

In today’s world, there are various reasons why many people would consider pursuing a career in tech. No matter what tech branch you choose to pursue, whether it be data science, web development, mobile app development, or another branch, all these branches share some common advantages, like being exciting and lucrative to pursue.

But, due to the popularity of tech and the number of people interested in the field, getting a job in tech can be highly competitive and daunting. Leaving some candidates out there feeling that they will never be good enough to get a job.

Today, to get a job in tech, there are many obstacles you will need to overcome that didn’t exist years ago. That being said, one of the things that can help you land the job you desire is having a solid online presence.

Online presence is a way of branding and marketing your skills, aspirations, and individuality in the field. Today, having an online presence can make or break your career. This article will discuss how having an online presence can help you succeed as a data scientist and a couple of tips on starting a successful tech blog.

Let’s start with how having an online presence is a plus to your resume when you’re pursuing a career in tech.

Proof of your skills and knowledge. An online platform where you display your skills in public can be seen by your future employers and help speed up your hiring process.

Build a professional network. When you start building an online presence, you will start getting in touch with other creators and form a professional network that will help you advance your career.

Attract new job offers. Sometimes, employers take to the internet to find new talent to fill in vacant positions. Often companies will reach out to creators and offer them roles or even freelance roles based on the content they put online.

Build an audience. Last but not least, having an online presence will automatically help you grow an audience. People who like your style and the content you provide. This will help you advance your career while helping others pursue theirs.

There are different ways to build an online presence; you can start making videos, writing tutorials, or blog posts. All the different approaches can lead you to have a solid online presence. However, following the below tips will lead you to success in any of them.

Here are 5 tips to help you build and maintain a successful online presence.

  1. Take your time choosing a platform. There are many platform options for online presence, from GitHub to YouTube, Medium, or even starting your own blog. Regardless of the platform you choose, make sure it matches your end goal and that you’re very comfortable using it.
  2. Consistency is key. Once you’re set on a platform, the key to success is consistency and hard work. Make a schedule to release your content, spend an hour or two a week brainstorming ideas, and plan out the week’s work. Having things planned out will help you stay consistent.
  3. Focus on the big picture. Always remember to revisit your goal. Are you building an online presence to create a portfolio to get a specific role? Or are you doing it because the career you want is a content creator? Knowing your goal and focusing on the big picture is essential in keeping you focused on the plan.
  4. Ask for feedback and engage your audience. The only way to get better is to ask for feedback. Ask a friend or a colleague to check your content and give you feedback on its clarity, length, and scope. Use that feedback to make your future content better as you see fit.
  5. Keep up with change. Regardless of the platform you use to build your online presence; these platforms often go through constant change and updates. You must keep up with the change and alter your plan to make the best use of the platform.

When I first started applying for job roles after getting my degree, I got told I needed to work on my online presence. At first, I didn’t understand how that could help me get the job if I already had the qualifications necessary. However, that didn’t stop me from reading, searching, and asking people around me about what it takes to build a successful online presence, which will put my skills in front of relevant hiring managers.

Having an online presence can definitely help you prove your knowledge, make connections, and even find a passion for content creation. That all may be a great thing. But, you must be aware that having an online presence can help you get the job, but it is by no means a guarantee to landing the job. Remember, though, no respectable company will reject an applicant for the lack of online presence but may do so if the applicant has a negative one. So, having a solid, focused, and consistent online presence can make job hunting a little less of a hassle while increasing your chances of getting the role you desire.

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AUTHOR: Sara A Metwalli – SheCanCode Blog Squad





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