Breaking Barriers: 5 Trailblazing Women in Tech Shaping the Future of IT in the UK

Woman programming on a MacBook


Meet five influential figures shaping the UK tech landscape.

Women in tech you need to know about. 

Dr. Joanna Bryson

Dr. Joanna Bryson is a respected AI researcher and computer scientist known for her work on artificial intelligence ethics and societal impacts. She holds a position at the University of Bath and has contributed significantly to the discourse on responsible AI development.

Dame Wendy Hall

Dame Wendy Hall is a computer scientist and professor at the University of Southampton. She is renowned for her work in web science and was instrumental in the development of the Semantic Web. As a tireless advocate for diversity in STEM, Dame Wendy has worked to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology.

Dr. Anne Glover

Dr. Anne Glover is a prominent figure in the UK tech scene, known for her contributions to the field of biotechnology. She served as the Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission and has been a vocal advocate for evidence-based policymaking and innovation.

Dame Stephanie “Steve” Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley, also known as Steve Shirley, is a trailblazer in the UK tech industry. As the founder of Freelance Programmers in the 1960s, she challenged gender norms and built a successful tech company. Dame Stephanie paved the way for women in technology and continues to inspire through her philanthropy and advocacy work.

Dame Wendy Tan White

Dame Wendy Tan White is a serial entrepreneur and technologist known for co-founding Moonfruit, a DIY website builder. She later became a partner at BGF Ventures, where she focused on investing in early-stage technology startups. Dame Wendy’s contributions to the UK tech ecosystem have been instrumental in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

These women have broken barriers and made significant contributions to the UK tech scene, inspiring future generations of women to pursue careers in technology and driving positive change in the industry.


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