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This week, we’re talking about all things confidence - how to regain confidence after a setback and using your new-found confidence to grow professionally. To help us answer tackle this is career coach, Natalie Trice.


We hope this open forum will give our community an opportunity to voice their worries, concerns and problems in a safe space. And possibly help others in similar situations at the same time!

This week, we’re talking about all things confidence – how to regain confidence after a setback and using your new-found confidence to grow professionally. To help us answer tackle this is career coach, Natalie Trice.

Natalie Trice, Career Coach for PR professionals, PR Mentor and Trainer for Small Business Owners, and a Guest Lecturer for UK Universities.

Natalie is a Career Coach for PR professionals, PR Mentor and Trainer for Small Business Owners, and a Guest Lecturer for UK Universities.  

Before adding ICF accredited training to her portfolio of first class services, Natalie has worked for some of the biggest global brands, most dynamic UK businesses, and some pretty exceptional entrepreneurs.  

For 23 years MS&L, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery Channel, Epson, Animal Planet, Earthwatch, Betty Crocker, TM Lewin, Sense, and the Talented Ladies Club were just some of the brands Natalie had the privilege to work with and represent, and she loved her work. 

From Tom and Jerry launches on Red Square, to James Cameron premieres in Amsterdam, and touring Europe with a team of animators and hanging out at media parts across the world with some amazing contacts, Natalie’s been there, done that, got the t-shirts, as well as the awards and the coverage.  

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Dear SheCanCode,

My question would be a specific one but also general at the same time: how to regain confidence? 

It has been almost 10 years I’m working as Creative Frontend Developer. Five years ago, while on holiday, I had a major accident where I was literally knocking on St. Peter’s doors, and it led me to have some disabilities.

I went on a prolonged rehabilitation journey that lasted 3 years. During that time, when I had free time after all the therapies, I would do what I enjoy: taking courses on Udemy, reading my favourite blogs about UX, frontend and accessibility news.

After 3 years I came back to my old job and the integration was smooth and I was doing what I was before. But in the last years, I’ve felt I couldn’t grow professionally there, so I decided to look for new opportunities. Here I was met with a few problems. Firstly, I’m a disabled person now and I have a speech impairment, which you can notice during interviews, etc. How should I present this? Should I include in job applications? Or should I mention it on the first interview? How should I present it and still expected that I’ll be treated for my knowledge and not focusing on my disability?


Confidence Boost


Thank you so much for your letter and I really hope that you are doing well after your accident.

Firstly, I want to congratulate you for taking such a proactive, positive approach not only your recovery after your accident but also your career, I can only imagine what you have encountered over the past five years and applaud your ambition and spirit.

You mention a lot in your letter but what absolutely stands out to me is that you are determined to go for it and reach your potential, so before we go any further, I want to encourage you do keep that sharp focus in place and believe that you can build the career you want and on your terms. Covid taught us that there are many ways to work, and I hope that the lessons learned will make for a new landscape for hybrid and remote working, something that could well play to your strengths.

When it comes to your disability that should not hold you back and there are laws and policies in place, which I am sure you are aware of, but if not do check out the Government’s website and note that it is illegal to be discriminated against by an employer.

What I think that you would be surprised by is looking at your CV and polishing that up. You mention that you have done a lot of work by taking courses, reading and other research and activities and this is fantastic. Look at where those elements can add value to your experience in the workplace and think about the topics that you have studied and if these are going to sway your employment options. Once you have updated just take some time out to see how far you have come on a personal and professional level and maybe write a new personal statement, even adding it to LinkedIn as a confidence booster. Those traits of resilience, perseverance and tenacity will make you an excellent candidate and you will be amazed at how employers will look at those and be impressed.

You mention courses in UX and frontend and I just wonder if you are thinking of looking at news areas to work in or maybe it is that you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to explore that. Really thinking about your values, purpose and why will help you to get clear about what it is you want from your career and what that next move looks like for you. Do you want to be employed or would being freelance be better for you?

Amy Porterfield is a coach in the US and her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, and new book, Two Weeks Notice, offer easy to understand, practical advice for creating a life you love and business or side hustle that is right for you. I wonder if maybe there is something out there calling to you that would combine your skills and passions and create something special and fulfilling?

When it comes to confidence, I would say that at least 75% of my clients come to me with confidence issues, so you aren’t alone with this, and there are things that you can do to address this. As well as looking at the new CV I have already talked about, ask family, friends and colleagues for three things they admire about you and this will definitely give you a boost. I know you have said you like courses and learning, so it could be that you take a course in confidence just to help build you up a little more and try to stay in your lane. We can be so busy looking at what others are doing that we forget to see what we are doing and where we are going. Each day think of three good things you have done or achieved and start to write them down!

You have clearly been through a lot of the last few years so also give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome and keep us posted on where you go next.


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