Are Tech Certifications Worth it?

Sheeka Singh


Are you considering taking tech certifications in 2023? Sheekha Singh looks at what to consider when planning the next step in your career development.

A large number of tech professionals and recent graduates find themselves stuck within a certain field or a certain position in their career. 

Not knowing if certifications are helpful for their career is a loss. There is a lack of awareness among women in the tech industry. Many have no clue if they should opt for certifications to switch careers. They are hesitant to sit for tech certifications without knowing if it is going to help them step up the ladder in their existing company.  

I have had many women ask me if tech certifications would benefit their resume and if it actually makes a difference to the recruiter. These are all relevant questions when you are either switching domains or planning to get a raise. In this article, you will learn if tech certifications are actually worth the hype.  

Choosing the right certification is a monumental task when you want to migrate through different career options. To hold a certification in the latest technology, tool or area says a lot about a candidate. Globally, 85% of IT professionals hold at least 1 certification. Getting certified in anything these days requires time, energy, and willingness to learn. Not to forget the right organizations (vendors) and types of certifications. IT professionals with certifications in Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Project Management are high in demand and rack up the most dollars in the industry. These skills are highly critical for the smooth operation of any organization all over the world and finding qualified candidates in this age is like pushing a rock up a mountain.  

What to do before choosing a tech certification? 


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    There is no simple answer to this question. The answer would depend on many factors. Yes, tech certifications are worth it if you are new to IT and if you are planning to get into this field without a computer degree. It does not imply that people who are already into tech for a long time don’t need certifications.

    Again, my answer would be yes, certifications are necessary even if you are a veteran in the tech industry because there are new tools in the market every day. One needs to find ways to be updated with the latest tools and technologies and for now, certifications seem to be the way.  

    There are many advantages that come with a certification:


      There are certain positions that list the desired certifications. For example, Scrum Master certification is a must for a few companies if you plan on applying for the position. For years, project management certifications have claimed the first position in IT certifications. Irrespective of the size of the project, a skilled project manager is a must for the success of the project. These certifications are bound to boost your project management skills and kickstart the advancement of your career. PMP certification is listed as a must-have or good to-have for a Senior Project manager position. Project management certifications are considered one of the hot certifications of 2022.   

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      There are a lot of organizations and providers that provide and guarantee jobs along with the certification, but my recruiter friend tells me that if the certification is not achieved by a recognized organization, then that certification is of no value to the employer.  

      If you are new to the tech world and are just getting started, then go for good certifications that add value. If you are thinking of making a career switch from an existing position to another, then look for legible certifications. There are many valuable certifications like AWS certified cloud practitioner, Certified cloud security professional (CCSP), Certified ethical hacker (CEH), Certified information security manager (CISM), Cisco certified network professional (CCNP), Project management professional (PMP), Oracle database and MySQL administration certifications, Salesforce certified development lifecycle and deployment designer and many more.  

      If you are ready for the challenge to promote your career and make headway, then certifications are the way to go.  




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