4 Websites to Find Remote Internships



The best solution to gaining practical experience in the field of tech, while earning some money, and building new connections is to get an internship. Want to find a remote internship? Check out the 4 websites in this article.

Whether you’re a student, working on getting a degree in tech, or an aspiring adult considering a tech career, most knowledge we obtain from school and the internet can feel very theoretical.

That feeling grows whenever you talk to friends and colleagues who worked in the industry or had some experiences outside the university/ Bootcamp environment. The gap between what we learn in university degrees or a Bootcamp and what we need, to succeed in our career is one of the reasons internships are necessary.

Internships are essential for building practical knowledge, especially in the tech field. In tech, we study the history of a field, the tools we can use, and some field applications. But, university classes are never enough to build a real-life experience that will help you launch a career once you graduate.

remote internships

With the pandemic, many companies now realise that they can hire many interns worldwide to work remotely. Remote work is one of the vital advantages of tech and one reason the field attracted me and many others. In this article, we will explore some options you can use to find remote tech internships and roles worldwide.

No.1: Ripple Match

The first website I would like to suggest is RippleMatch. RippleMatch is one of my favourite websites to look for any position in tech, whether it be an internship or a more permanent job. Once you create a free profile on the website, the algorithm will start suggesting roles that match your skills and interests. However, one of the reasons RippleMatch is a great option is how personal it can be. A representative from the website will be in touch with you and help you through the process, guiding you and asking for feedback to improve the services they provide.

Once you find a role that interests you, applying through the website is really simple and won’t take much time. Suppose the company you applied for sees you as a potential candidate. In that case, RippleMatch will help you prepare for and nail your interview.

No.2: Internships.com

Another great option is internships.com. Internships.com is a full-on website for all your internships and tech job hunting needs. In addition, the website offers plenty of career advice, multiple remote internship options, and a complete guide on crafting the perfect CV. Moreover, they help you prepare for the interview and if the role demands it, write a good cover letter. The website also offers a lot of information about the pay of internships worldwide. It is also a good option if you’re considering in-person internships. If you head to intenrships.com, you can start browsing positions right away without the need to create a profile first.

No.3: Simply Hired

Next up on the list is Simply Hired. Simply Hired is a powerful job-search engine that you can use to find all different roles, even those outside of tech. From the name, the website offers a simple yet powerful CV builder that helps you craft a strong CV, which makes applying for various roles an easy task. Moreover, it will help you compare and estimate salaries and go through the reviews of the different companies to make sure the working culture matches your preferences.

No.4: LinkedIn

Last but not least is a very well-known tool for building professional connections, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect to people worldwide and widen your professional network. It is also a great option if you’re looking for internships, especially a remote one. That’s because you can easily apply through the website and reach out to the recruiters to get knowledge about the process and hopefully get the role you aim for.

No matter what degree you have or what online course you take, there is always a gap between what you learn in books and classes and what you will do after you graduate when you start looking for jobs. The main reason is that most curriculums focus on the theoretical and historical aspects of any concept rather than its practicality. So, after we graduate, we realise that we don’t even have the experience needed for an entire level position.

We can overcome this weakness and close the gap by trying to get an internship. Most companies often open up chances for internships throughout the year; you can keep an eye on the websites we mentioned in this article until an internship matches your interests. So, prepare your CV, revise your knowledge, and apply for an internship that triggers your internet. 
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