10 Technology Networks to help grow your community

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Networks can play an important role in growing your career. Through networking, you can make new friends, build connections and share knowledge.

We all know networking is a powerful tool, but it can feel incredibly daunting at times. This where networks come in!

Networking groups are full of like-minded people from similar backgrounds, so you should feel more comfortable. You’ll also get access to group events, hear about industry firsts and latest trends, and establish your credibility. And probably most importantly, you’ll be able to build your own support network.

Below, SheCanCode have pulled together 10 fantastic technology networks to give you a head-start in growing your community.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are other ways of expanding your network, like attending tech events, volunteering and enrolling in hackathons and competitions. If you feel we’ve missed an incredible network, then please get in touch at [email protected]

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Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a not-for-profit, on a mission to inspire women to excel in technology careers.

They provide an avenue into tech, empower women with skills needed for professional advancement, and provide environments where networking and mentorship are valued. The organisation has executed more than 14,000 events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 290,000 in 134 countries.

Find out more: https://www.womenwhocode.com/

Ada’s List

Ada’s List is predominantly an email list, created to help connect women working technology. Ada’s List provides stimulating content and encourages a more inclusive and diverse environment within the industry.

Women join Ada’s List to recruit new teammates or job hunt themselves; look for suppliers or vendors; find co-founders; get and give advice; and meet up face-to-face.

Ada’s List is free and anyone can join, as long as you are a woman – or identify as a woman – who works in and around technology.

Find out more: https://www.adaslist.co/


#techmums relaunched in 2018 by Tech Evangelist Prof Sue Black OBE.

#techmums runs programs and initiatives designed to support mothers becoming more familiar, confident, and excited about the use of technology
in their personal, professional, and parenting lives.

#techmums vision is to reach a million mums and ignite potential in not only mums, but their families, and their communities.

#techmums trains women in key areas including: Tech Skills, The Cloud, Digital Safety, and Coding to allow them to enter a new career path and gain confidence regarding returning to employment or setting up their own businesses.

Find out more: https://techmums.co/


DevelopHer is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to elevate women in tech, digital and entrepreneurship.

DevelopHer organize monthly meet-ups and workshops for you to network; spotlight and connect women in tech members to lift each other up; empower their community to make courageous career decisions; and amplify the voice of the DevelopHer community in government and business.

Find out more: https://developher.org/

Tech London Advocates

Tech London Advocates is a network of more than 13,000 tech leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in London, across the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide.

With no government backing, this is the voice of the private sector in London. The group is one of nine groups in the Global Tech Advocates network of communities.

Find out more: http://techlondonadvocates.org.uk/

Coding Black Females

Coding Black Females is the largest community of Black women in tech in the UK. The network aims to grow, educate and inspire their community of Black women in tech.

Coding Black Females are a non-profit organisation, whose primary aim is to provide opportunities for Black female developers to develop themselves, meet familiar faces, network, receive support and build relationships through having regular meetups.

Find out more: https://codingblackfemales.com/

Women’s Engineering Society

Founded in 1919, the Women’s Engineering Society is a charity and professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists.

They operate as a Membership Society, promoting the education of women in engineering and advancing the education of the public concerning the study and practice of engineering among women. They founded International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), held on 23 June annually as an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available in this exciting industry.

Find out more: https://www.wes.org.uk/

Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies is a community of LGBTQ women, non-binary and trans individuals in and around tech (and the people who support them).

Lesbians Who Tech is a monthly gathering of women in the queer community in and around tech, chatting over drinks. Whether you work at a tech company, have a technical job or just love technology.

Find out more: https://lesbianswhotech.org/


Founded in 2018, STEMConnext is a community of like-minded people and businesses, who network, share ideas and support each other.

The STEMConnext community proudly  celebrates and champions equity for all, with practical and effective action.

Find out more: https://stemconnext.co.uk/


PyLadies are an international mentorship group with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community.

PyLadies mission is to promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through outreach, education, conferences, events and social gatherings.

PyLadies also aims to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world.

Find out more: https://pyladies.com/


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