Thinking of making a career transition? Hear from the ladies who made the leap into tech this year

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If you’ve reached the end of the year and realised that your job no longer relates to your long terms goals, then 2023 may be the year that you finally make that career transition.

If you’re looking to redesign your life, working day and how you wish to spend your time, a career transition into tech is easier than you you might think.

At SheCanCode we spoke to several women in tech this year who made the leap from a range of careers into the tech sector.

Discover their stories and learn tips about making a career transition.

From hair stylist to Software Engineer: How one woman followed her lifelong ambition for a career in tech

Meet Raven Reynolds Sears, a former hair stylist who quit her job in LA for love and to follow her lifelong ambition of becoming a software engineer.

Retraining for a career in tech: Meet Kate Roberts, Junior Developer at M&S

We spoke with Kate Roberts, Junior Developer at M&S about her day to life at the company and her transition from an academic to a career in tech.

Transitioning into UX: A Quickfire Q&A with Zebra Technologies’ Ellen Thomas

Ellen Thomas retrained herself, in her own time, to transition into UX Design from a different field of design altogether. Here, Ellen shares with us her drivers and advice for transitioning into a more tech-focused design role.

Employee Spotlight: Alison Thurston, Junior Engineer at Sendwave

From recruiter to software engineer Alison Thurston is a Philadelphia-based Junior Engineer who joined Sendwave in May.

Tips for a tech career transition

The Value of an Untraditional Background as a Software Engineer

Showing up as a software engineer means more than just writing code. Unique backgrounds can provide the skills and perspective for a well-rounded dev. Find out how and why.

SheCanCode event: How to navigate a successful career transition

If you’re thinking about making the move into tech, listen in again to hear our speakers discuss how you can successfully navigate a career transition.

How to find work after a career break – 6 things you’ll want to know

While getting back into work is never easy, here are 6 top tips to make the transition smoother.

Time for a Career Change? Here’s How to Break Into Programming

Everything you wanted to know about taking your first step towards a tech career.

How to Transition to DevOps

Learn about the world of DevOps, the skills required and suggestions to transition into a DevOps Engineer role from your current role.


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