Thinking about a career move? Join us on 26 October when we’ll be discovering how to successfully transition your career

How to navigate a successful career transition - SheCanCode event


The tech industry is crying out for new talent, diverse people and different ways of thinking. There has never been a better time to transition into tech.

As a sector, we offer something for everyone – technical and non-technical, experience within a tech company or not, whether you have always worked in the technology sector or are moving in from another industry.

If you’re thinking about making the move into tech, join us for this informative webinar, where we’ll be discussing how you can successfully navigate a career transition.

In this 40-minute session, hosted by SheCanCode, representatives from GSA Capital, Kubrick Group & M&S, will discuss the tech talent shortage and what skills are needed to plug the gap, why you don’t have to have technical experience, and how easy it is to transition into other roles.

Meet our speakers

Ali Worrell, GSA Capital

Ali Worrell | Head of Post Trade Technology, GSA Capital

Connect with Ali on Linkedin

Ailis Dave

Ailis Dale | Advanced Consultant – Data Product, Kubrick Group

Connect with Ailis on LinkedIn

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts | Junior Developer

Connect with Kate on LinkedIn


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