Resilience Rewired: Mags Allmark’s inspiring journey from tech break to Lead Delivery Manager at Zuhlke

Zuhlke Spilling the T Podcast


As a Lead Delivery Manager at Zühlke, Mags Allmark defied the odds, transitioning from psychology and sociology to falling head over heels for the world of programming. Our conversation takes you through the heartwarming influence of her daughter's desire to mirror her mother's career, the critical role of a tech blog during her time away from the office, and the depth of creative fulfillment she finds in solving intricate software puzzles.

In the ever-evolving tech industry, career paths are rarely a straight line.

Mags Allmark’s journey back into tech leadership is a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of embracing a non-linear career trajectory. Her story is not just an anecdote of personal triumph but a blueprint for those contemplating a return to the workforce, especially after a significant hiatus for personal commitments like parenthood.

The tech landscape is renowned for its rapid pace of change, which can be daunting for those looking to re-enter. Mags’ journey showcases the value of staying engaged with the industry even when away from the office. She emphasises that maintaining a tech blog and engaging with app development kept her skills sharp, allowed for creative expression, and provided networking opportunities that were crucial upon her return.

A supportive work environment is indispensable for career progression. Zühlke, the company where Mags serves as a lead delivery manager, exemplifies an organizational culture that promotes internal growth and values diverse perspectives. She details how Zühlke’s inclusive culture and emphasis on gender balance in leadership positions create an empowering setting for all employees. Her experience underlines the importance of seeking out companies that align with one’s values and career aspirations.

The conversation with Mags also delves into the nuanced challenges of returning to the workforce, such as combating imposter syndrome and preparing for interviews. She candidly shares strategies for overcoming these hurdles, including thorough research, rehearsing common interview questions, and building resilience through learning from rejections. Mags’s insights are a testament to the significance of preparation, confidence, and support networks in navigating the complexities of the job market.


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