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SheCanCode’s Top Podcast Picks features those by women, for women, for the techhies, for some light relief. We hope you enjoy!

Everyone’s love of podcasts is growing and growing! As is the quality and quantity of them. We thought we’d share with you a selection of tech podcasts – some made by women, for women, some featuring great women, some for the techies out there… and some a wonderful combination of all of that!  

Women In Tech 

Made by women, for women and about women in tech!

 The Women In Tech Show (US) 

 “A podcast about what we work on, not what it feels like to be a woman in tech”. Hosted by Edaena Salinas, a software developer – this is all about women’s work in technology. A great choice for every woman sick of being asked “what does it feel like to be a woman in tech?” 

Top Podcast Picks

Women Tech Charge (UK) 

 Here’s one not to miss! Especially with such a ‘punny’ title. Unless you’ve spent the last few years in a cave, you’ll have heard of Stemettes. Well their Founder, Dr. Anne – Marie Imafidon MBE delivers us a series of candid, inspiring and often funny conversations with inventors, entrepreneurs and even real-life spies.   

The Women In Tech Podcast (US) 

 Yes, this is a different podcast! The founder of WeAreLATech, Espree Devora created this podcast so every listener gets to walk away feeling “If She Can Do It So Can I”. We appreciate that intention. Devora discusses with women from all walks of tech life how they got where they are now.  


General Tech 

Here’s a few examples of tech podcasts, not by or for women – but featuring great women as guests.  


Top Podcast Picks

Hidden Forces (US) 

 Demetri Kofinas interviews some of the most brilliant minds in science, technology, finance, politics, and culture as he uncovers the underlying forces driving the most powerful changes we see in the world. 

Look out for episodes: 

#64: Mathematician and public educator, Hannah Fry. Dr. Fry’s talks about her mathematical expertise and how it’s led to the development of several documentaries on the BBC 

#109: Financial Times Global Business Columnist, Rana Faroohar talks about her latest book dealing with the worlds of Big Tech and finance.  

The Power of Data Podcast (UK) 

 This podcast comes from Dun & Bradstreet, a business focused on empowering business performance through data and insights. Their weekly podcast focuses on “unlocking the value of data for businesses around the world”, tackling a pleasantly broad range of topics.   

Look out for women in tech focused episodes: 

#6: Women in Data – recorded at the Women in Data conference in London.  

#12: Girls in Data – Rachel Keane, from Women in Data explains how ‘Girls in Data’ aims to help students understand how data impacts every business, and offers a wealth of career choices. 


It’s All About That Tech 

 Git Cute Podcast (US) 

 Getting a job in technology is hard but staying there is even harder, says Jocelyn Harper – a software engineer and host of this podcast. She tackles the mundane and discussed hot topics within the technology sector with interviews, personal deep-dives, and more!  

 Ladybug podcast (International)  

Three software developers working in different sectors have great discussions around how to start coding, the hot technologies right now, how to get your first developer job, imposter syndrome, how to write CSS and more! 

Top Podcast Picks

What Team SheCanCode Are Listening To  

Here’s a few podcasts we are currently listening to, that are not tech related… just giving us some light relief at the moment!   

Off Menu Podcast 

Do you love comedy? Do you love food? If so, join comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster as they welcome comedians and other guests at their ‘dream restaurant’ to pick and discuss their favourite meals. Their podcast website also gives you a very useful list of all restaurants mentioned!   

Forest 404 

One of the first BBC Sounds produced podcasts, Forest 404 is set in the future and is about how the world has a massive data crash. It aims to answer the question: Can you feel loss for something you’ve never known? If you’re after an innovative, immersive approach to podcasting – check this one out!  

The High Low  

With an extensive back catalogue of episodes, good friends Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton is pure light relief and great for restoring some work life balance and relaxation. If you’re looking for some easy listening about all things news and pop culture, give this a listen.   


Sometimes as a woman, it is difficult to find a sense of community in the tech field. Luckily, technology has allowed us to connect with...