Navigating tech careers at Dunelm

Spilling the T Podcast - Dunelm


Join us for a captivating discussion as we delve into the world of tech at Dunelm with two remarkable women from the company's tech department. With one boasting a decade of experience and the other a newcomer of ten months, our guests offer contrasting yet complementary perspectives on their journeys within the company.

Ever wondered how a serendipitous twist can lead you to a flourishing tech career?

Harj Kaur and Madara Kalnavarna from Dunelm join us to discuss just that!

Harj’s transition from a business information systems graduate to a Tech Environments Manager is nothing short of inspiring, while Madara’s leap from Latvia to a Software Development Engineer in Test is a story of international ambition and success. Our conversation traverses the necessity of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and how a culture brimming with learning opportunities can serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth within the tech industry.

The path to success in tech often involves a maze of choices and opportunities. We peel back the curtain on the professional growth culture at Dunelm, where nurturing talent and skill development are part of the daily ethos. This episode underscores the importance of reaching out for help and learning from peers, and how these actions forge a confident pathway through new career challenges, even if you don’t tick every box on the job description.


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