Navigating parenthood at the LEGO Group

Spilling The T - The LEGO Group


Meet Zhan Jessica Yu, Technical Program Manager, a passionate employee at the LEGO Group, who shares her journey of parenthood while being part of a supportive workplace environment.

Ever wondered how a mother of three can not only survive but thrive in the fast-paced tech world?

Listen as Jess from the LEGO Group recounts her unique journey from an unconventional entry into technology to cultivating a remarkable career at one of the most family-oriented companies around. Balancing the precious early years of parenthood with professional aspirations is no small feat, and Jess opens up about how vital support systems and a nurturing workplace culture have been in her pursuit of work-life harmony.

This conversation is far from your typical tech talk; it’s a heartfelt dive into the practicalities of integrating family life within the corporate realm and navigating the trials of the “Wolf Hour.” We discuss innovative strategies to create inclusive after-work events that accommodate the parent schedule, and how LEGO’s approach to parental leave is setting a new standard that aligns with progressive Danish legislation.

Whether you’re a parent in the trenches or a leader looking to foster a supportive environment, there’s wisdom here that transcends industries and ignites a conversation about the future of parenting in the workplace.


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