Moving beyond user personas

User persona


Uncover the limitations of traditional user personas in this latest blog from Potato.

While working in research, innovation, and product design, I’ve often found myself being asked to work with Personas. They are ubiquitous, regarded as a key tool for empathy and design. However, I believe it’s time to take a closer look at them, to expand beyond them, to find new ways of representing and creating for our users. While I believe in the purpose behind Personas – to connect with people, build empathy, and design with purpose – I also think that they fail to represent the diversity of the people we serve, and often trap us into stereotypes and assumptions.

As human-centred creators, it is our responsibility to embrace the diversity of those we design for (and with), and to look beyond the frames that Personas give us.

What are Personas?

This is an excerpt. You can read the rest of this article from our partner Potato here.


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